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Nova Pride Platinum Complete Offgrid Caravan Setup

This caravan came into our workshop with a semi offgrid setup. We replaced the existing setup with a new one to make it completely offgrid, with the possibility of  enough solar power to power your house with!


This installation included everything from solar panels to the EGON DC hub distribution system

First, the existing solar panels were replaced with 2 x Solaria High Voltage panels which have a combined power of 730W. Another solar input was installed on the exterior of the caravan to be able to hook up solar blankets if needed.

In the front compartment of the caravan, is where we installed a 50A Victron MPPT solar regulator for the panels and a secondary Victron 30A MPPT solar regulator for the additional blankets if they are being used. 

A Victron 30A DCDC charger to use when your car is hooked up to the caravan. In parallel you can charge up to 45A from the solar panels. 

The DC Hub replaced the previous power distribution. A Victron smart battery protect to switch the whole power supply to caravan on and off. 

Other things we installed include:

For more information about KLARMANN AUTOMOTIVE SOLUTIONS and their offgrid installations visit their website at