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btlith12110al Baintech 12V 110Ah Lithium Battery (Slimline) is a top choice for slimline Lithium Batteries | Perth Pro Auto electric parts


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Constructed using the latest lithium iron phosphate cells. These prismatic cells are the highest quality in a metal hard case. The battery has an inbuilt Battery Management System (BMS).

In the following video you can see how the Baintech Slimeline Lithium Battery can be used to build a Slimeline Second Battery System that fits behind the car seat (for Toyota 79 Series Only)


Baintech 12V 110Ah Lithium Battery (Slimline) is a top choice for slimline Lithium Batteries | Perth Pro Auto


At just 11kg, the unique slimline shape makes it the perfect battery for installations where space is a premium. Slide it behind a seat, under false floors, in reard drawers. Place the battery in any orientation without the worry of acid leaks.

The Slimline battery provides up to 100A of continuous discharge or charge and can be stacked in parallel to increase amp hour storage capacity.

Charge and discharge the battery via the two grey Anderson plugs. Note, an external 100A fuse must be used. The strong aluminium outer enclosure delivers a safe, lightweight and powerful unit which is the perfect building block for next generation battery systems.



  • Internal 100A BMS
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Aluminium powder coated enclosure
  • 50A grey Anderson connector
  • Lightweight at just 11kg
  • Connect in parallel: more capacity & power
  • Designed and fully assembled in Australia




  • Model: BTLITH12110-SL
  • Capacity: 110Ah
  • Nominal Voltage: 12.8V
  • Type: LiFePO4
  • Charge Voltage: 14.6V max
  • Charge Current: 100A max continuous
  • Discharge Current: 100A continuous
  • Discharge Current: 200A peak
  • Operating Temp: 0-45oC
  • Weight: 11kg
  • Life at 80% DoD: 2,000 cycles
  • Life at 50% DoD: 5,000 cycles
  • Size (LxDxH): 635mm x 50mm x 260mm
  • Please see installation manual here
  • Please see specifications here



The power of Lithium batteries as a second battery for your overlanding or camping setup


Want to get more out of your battery? Want less weight, space and longer durability?

The answer is Lithium.

Super energy density with much more usable energy in less space. Lithium in comparison to regular AGM Batteries are lighter, more efficient and have a longer life cycle. Lithium batteries are also more environmentally friendly with their improved energy efficiency. The demanding loads are safely managed with consistent stable voltage and fast and efficient charging performance. Here you can have a detailed read about Lithium vs. AGM:

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We only offer high quality Lithium batteries that are constructed using the latest generation prismatic lithium iron phosphate cells and have an inbuilt Battery Management System (BMS).