bbs-tek Broadband Sound Backup Alarm 12V-80V 107dB integral mounting BBS107
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The bbs-tek broadband sound reversing alarm emits a unique sound which eliminates noise nuisance and is safer than common backup alarms. Its world-wide patented broadband sound (also known as white sound) is multi-frequency, replacing the narrow frequency band of conventional alarms.

White sound dissipates quickly meaning the alarm can only be heard in the hazard zone. It also creates a �ssh ssh� sound which is gentler on the ear. The combined effect ensures the warning is treated with respect and prevents workers from becoming desensitised to the sound, tuning it out. It also reduces the likelihood of sabotage from workers disabling alarms.

Beeping tonal alarms can be heard up to thirty times the distance of the hazard zone causing workers to switch off due to over-familiarity - putting them gravely at risk. White sound reversing alarms use broadband frequencies. These give greater directional information to the ear allowing the listener to instantly locate where the sound is coming from, and time to take evasive action. White sound also dissipates quickly outside the hazard zone, eliminating noise complaints. Furthermore, with its wide frequency range, white sound alarms can even operate 5-decibels quieter than a tonal alarm, yet still provide the same alerting effect.


Big Sound, Small Noise .......... shh...shh...shh
Latest technology broadband multi-frequency output
The sound is concentrated within the danger zone and can be located within a noisy environment
Eliminates noise nuisance & complaints
Solid state electronics sealed in epoxy resin - IP68
Dust, moisture and vibration proof
Suitable for trucks, buses, construction & earthmoving
Glass reinforced nylon housing with integral mounting bracket
Suits heavy duty vehicles
173 mm (w) x 80 mm (h) x 95 mm (d)
12-24 volt
107 dB

Broadband (white sound) alarms are a revolutionary new generation of warning alarm. They are the safest reversing alarms in the world and do not cause a noise nuisance. Already ?tted across a range of industries from mobile plant machinery to airport luggage buggies, broadband is fast becoming the reversing alarm of choice. In fact, in New York City, it is the only alarm permitted on construction vehicles.

The new bbs-tek reversing alarm
 eliminates noise nuisance as the sound is easy on the ear and dissipates fast
 is safer because the sound is locatable so you can tell which vehicle is reversing andthe sound is directional, concentrating the warning within the danger zone.

This increases people's response to the alarm and diminishes the chance of it being ignored.