Customised National Luna Battery Box&Redarc Portable Dual Battery System, options
Customised National Luna Battery Box&Redarc Portable Dual Battery System, options
Customised National Luna Battery Box&Redarc Portable Dual Battery System, options
Customised National Luna Battery Box&Redarc Portable Dual Battery System, options


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This customised National Luna & Redarc Battery Box is the upgraded version in which KLARMANN Automotive Solutions have installed a Redarc BCDC1225D 25Amp DC/DC charger, an Engel Fridge Connector and a Vehicle and Solar Anderson Input.

Customised National Luna & Redarc Portable Dual Battery System with 25A DC/DC Charger | Perth Pro Auto 


A customised portable battery box with the listed features by itself or add an Amptron 100Ah Lithium Battery with or without a Victron SmartShunt fitted. Another option would be with a Century Yuasa AGM Battery. Choose your options above to see prices.

This version of the Battery Box has an additional Engel Socket outlet in the front and an Anderson Plug input on the back (black housing) where you can connect to your main battery and charge while you are driving.

There is also a 50 amp Anderson input on the rear (red cover) to connect a unregulated solar panel (for example this KT Solar Blanket).

This National Luna & Redarc Battery Box works like a full blown dual battery system in your car/boat/truck etc. Simply connect to your main battery and the charger will start to charge when your engine runs and stops when your engine is turned off. Or use the solar input and be independent from any other energy source, the possibilities are endless. The 12V Auxiliary Battery Box design makes it perfect for saving space in your caravan, 4WD, or even a boat, with plenty of charging alternatives to ensure you can power just about anything you need on your trip whether it’s simply running your campsite lights or mounted in your caravan, 4WD, or even a boat.

Please find here the manual for the Redarc BCDC1225D and

here the manual for the Blue National Luna Battery Box


  • 1 x BCDC1225D Redarc DC/DC Charger
  • 1 x 50 Amp Anderson Alternator Input
  • 1 x 50 Amp unregulated Solar Input
  • 1 x Engel Fridge Connector
  • 1 x Blue National Luna Battery Box (find here the National Luna Box by itself without the Redarc Charger) including:
    • Fused Outputs
    • Built-in Battery Volt meter
    • 2 x USB charge ports standard
    • 1 x DC Socket (also called cigarette or accessory socket)
    • 1 x Merit Socket
    • 2 x 50A Grey coupler plugs standard
    • 4 x Spare pre-wired output ports
    • Ignition Trigger
    • Isolator / Circuit Breaker


You can choose the Box with the BCDC Charger buy itself or add one of the following batteries / battery option (choose at the top of the page). 






This version of the battery box includes a Victron smart shunt. This enables you to precisely monitor the charge level of your battery box, consumed energy and time until the battery is empty. You can as well monitor the battery voltage and when everything is connected to your car, it works for the start battery voltage also. All this information will be conveniently available on your apple or android smart phone through the Victron Connect App.


  • Our customised harness for these battery boxes is available here.


      Outside: 515mm length x 255mm width x 320mm height

      Inside – max dimensions for battery: 335mm length x 180mm width x 270mm height

      Weight (without battery): 6kg

      Weight (with AGM battery): 35kg

      Weight (with Lithium battery): 18kg

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      What is a dual battery system?

      The idea of a dual battery system is to have all (or most) of your accessories connected to the second battery besides your starter battery. As your accessories use power from the second battery the isolator prevents power from draining from your main starting battery leaving it ready for you to start your vehicle when needed. When you start your vehicle, the isolator senses the charge from your alternator and links the 2 batteries together and charges them as you drive.

      Some more details what a dual battery system is and does you can read on the whichcar article. 

      Why should I buy Lithium instead of AGM?

      Lithium has more usable energy in comparison, is lighter and lasts longer which is an advantage for this portable battery box. As well AGM Batteries are sensitive to depth of discharge. This means the deeper the battery is discharged, the fewer cycles it has. AGM Batteries are generally recommended to only be discharged to 50% of their capacity to maximize their cycle life. A Lithium (LiFePO4) Battery, on the other hand, is not affected much by depth of discharge so it boasts a much longer cycle life. Its DOD of 80-90% means a longer life circle and cheaper in the long run. Find here a detailed comparison on the Victron Energy blog

      What is the difference to other battery boxes?

      Our customised battery box is rated to charge 25amp/hr as well as a 25amp MPPT solar regulator built in the Redarc BCDC1225D charger.

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