Dolphin Pro Battery Charger 24V 100A Three Outputs 115/230Vac


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Robust and Powerful Marine Battery Charger.
This robust and powerful Marine Battery Charger features:

  • Can operate up to 65�C without D rating

  • Internal diode isolator without voltage drop

  • User friendly design : a solid casing in aluminium, mounting by 4 easily accessible screws

  • A front cover allowing easy access to the charge selector and the wiring connections (4 solid M8 terminals for the battery outputs)

  • A cable gland for the input cable and a cable grommet with a waterproof seal

  • Integrated Control Panel : LED display indicating the charging curve (boost, absorbsion, floating), as well as anomolies and faults (temperature, voltage, fuses�)

  • Automatic switchover : equiped with 3 isolated outputs, automatic switchover 115V / 230V, 50Hz / 60Hz

  • 9 charging programs (including 2 winterizing and 1 power supply) depending on battery type, makes this charger suitable for all charging needs

  • Optional extras : external touch screen control panel Touchview and a battery temperature sensor allowing a charging level adjustment

  • Conformal coating of the PCB to prolong the life of the battery charger

  • Using built-in CAN BUS J1939 interface, the Dolphin Pro�can be connected to any monitoring system


Input Voltage 230V (+/- 15%)
Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz (+/-10%)
Cos > 0.9 typ
Efficiency 0.87
Max. Current 115V/230V 17A
Fuse (6,3x32mm) 2 x T20A


Number of outputs 3 isolated outputs
Number of charging curves 9 programs, position selected by dip switch 00-Liquid Lead Acid batteries (open) 01-Sealed Lead batteries 02-Lead Calcium batteries 03- Delphi batteries 04- Optima/Maxima batteries 05-Winterizing 06-Batteries Gel&AGM 07-Power supply 08-LiFeSo4 batteries
Charging curve I.U.U.o 3 modes
Voltage share +/-2%
Ripple < 1% (BW < 20MHz)
Fuse (auto mini) 5 x F25A


Display LED display or optional touch multi-colour Touchview
Operating Temp -10�C to +55�C
Humidity 10% to 95% (without condensation)
Ventilation Forced fan adjustable speed cooling
Safety EN 60335-1
EMC EN 55016, IEC 61000
Housing White powder coated aluminium
Mounting Wall mounted 4 x M4 screws
Dimensions 346 x 358 x 196 mm
Weight 11,5 Kg
AC Connection 3-point cage terminal 10mm� max
DC Terminal 4 M8 terminals
Output alarm contact 1A 30V NO


Battery temperature sensor 2-point cage 1,5 mm� terminal
External touch screen control panel (touchview) RJ45
CAN Bus connection 2 Micro-Fit & RJ11


Output surge �Current limited� type
Output short circuit �Shutdown� type with automatic restart once the fault has disappeared
Excessive output voltage �Shutdown� type with automatic restart once the fault has disappeared
Battery polarity reversal Output fuse
Excessive internal temperature �Shutdown� type with automatic restart once the fault has disappeared
AC over and under voltage �Shutdown� type with automatic restart once the fault has disappeared


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