cf11 Dometic Portable Fridge or Freezer, 13 Cans, 10.5L | Fridges/Freezers | Perth Pro Auto electric parts
cf11 Dometic Portable Fridge or Freezer, 13 Cans, 10.5L | Fridges/Freezers | Perth Pro Auto electric parts
cf11 Dometic Portable Fridge or Freezer, 13 Cans, 10.5L | Fridges/Freezers | Perth Pro Auto electric parts
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The Dometic Cool Freeze CF11 is a portable fridge or freezer that can go anywhere with the handy shoulder strap. Super-slim and easy to fit in the smallest of spaces, the CF fridge/freezers can deep-freeze food and drinks with minimal power consumption. The CF Series is even lighter than its predecessor thanks to its new compact compressor.

The CF11 Cool Freeze Portable Fridge/Freezer is a top choice for Fridges/Freezers with a handy carrying strap | Perth Pro Auto



This product is a replacement for the CDF11

This remarkably lightweight compressor fridge or freezer is extremely compact and easy to use.

The Dometic Waeco CF Series are a line of affordable, easy to use, portable dedicated fridge and freezers. They run on 12V or 240V electric power and come equipped with an internal light and digital temperature display. They're made of plastic and come with a protective cover that improves insulation. 



These remarkably lightweight compressor coolers are as easy to handle as a thermoelectric unit. Storage won’t ever be a problem either, as the super slim design means they will fill any niche perfectly. Performance is another plus factor: refrigeration and deep-freezing down to –18 °C or –15 °C, with minimal power consumption, regardless of the outside temperature. All Dometic CoolFreeze CF series coolers are ready for connection to 12/24 V DC and 100 – 240 V AC.



The low weight compressor technology and super-slim design of the Dometic CF 11 keeps the process of cooling and freezing food and beverages simple, whilst still delivering top performance. The CF 11 operates with minimal power consumption and cools down to temperature quickly. The niche design of the unit welcomes the addition of built-in AC power - compared to just DC power in its predecessor. This new versatility will see the CF 11 become a great addition, not only on, but also off the road, for many years to come.

Find here the operating manual



  • Two integrated drink holders
  • Quick Check - Digital temperature display
  • Extremely compact, super-slim design
  • Refrigeration and deep-freezing
  • With shoulder strap for easy transport
  • Compact compressor, therefore light in weight
  • 12 or 24 V DC, 100-240 V AC
  • Storage volume 10.5 l
  • Refrigeration from +10 °C to –18 °



  • SKU number9600010779 
  • ModelCF 11 
  • Scope of delivery1 Cooler, 1 DC cable, 1 AC cable,1 manual, 1 shoulder strap 
  • Single or Dual ZoneSingle 
  • Product DescriptionPortable fridge or freezer, 13 cans 
  • Refrigeration technologyCompressor 


  • Dimensions product depth540 mm
  • Dimensions product height358 mm
  • Dimensions product width235 mm
  • Net weight50 kg
  • Total volume (IEC 62552-3)00 l


  • Input voltage (AC)100-240 V
  • Input voltage (DC)12/24 V
  • Rated input current (AC)5A at 100V AC,0.2A at 240V AC A
  • Rated input current (DC)2A at 12V DC,1.3A at 24V DC A
  • Rated input power (AC)50 W
  • Rated input power (DC)30 W
  • Input frequency50/60 Hz


  • Refrigerant, typeR134a 
  • Refrigerant amount28 g
  • Climate class (EN62552)
  • Insulation TypePU (Polyurethane)  


  • ColourGrey 
  • USB PortN/A 
  • BasketNo 
  • Threaded inserts in base for mountingNo 
  • Drain plugNo 
  • Interior lightYes 
  • CertificatesGS, E4 

More Information



How long will my refrigerator keep running for on my battery?

You need to ascertain how much power your refrigerator will consume on average per hour under certain ambient conditions. You also need to know the size of your battery in amp-hours. Once you know these figures, you can divide the size of the battery by that average consumption figure (multiplied by 24 hours) to give you approximate run time. e.g. If the stated consumption is 1 amp per hour average, multiply that by 24 hours. (equals 24 Amp hours per day). You should understand that you never get the full amount of amp-hours from a battery however. You should use 80% as a good rule of thumb. So if you have a 100 Amp hour deep cycle battery, you can assume 80 amp-hours of usable power. So if a refrigerator consumes on average 1 amp per hour, and is the only appliance running from a 100 amp-hour battery, you should be able to have the refrigerator run for around 80 hours before recharging becomes necessary.

What solar panel do I need to run the fridge?

The panel should be of a suitable size to meet the requirements of the refrigerator and any other appliance running from the battery. You should always use the solar panel to charge a battery, not to run the fridge directly from the solar panel as voltage will drop if clouds come overhead for instance. The battery means your refrigerator keeps running even if the voltage output of the solar panel drops severely due to cloud cover. A good rule of thumb to prevent inadequacies with power supply is to have a solar panel large enough to provide enough daily power to run your refrigerator and have battery storage of an extra 2/3 on hand. So, if your refrigerator (or any other appliance) will consume 30 amp-hours per day, you should have battery storage of 90 amp-hours capacity and a solar panel of around 80 watts or greater capacity to ensure you won't have problems. It is advised to go a little higher in specification than your needs, however.


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