Dometic Waeco Coolpro Thermoelectric Cooler/Warmer  35L
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This product has become obsolete, a similar products is the BUSHMAN CHEST 35L FRIDGE/FREEZER

TC-35FL is a practical thermoelectric cooler for convenient storage of food and beverages in hot climates. Also comes with a heating mode to keep the contents warm.- Featuring both 12v and 240v power options.


Please note:The look of the Dometic/Waeco Range is currently being updated by the manufacturer so the product pictures might differ from the actual appearance of the products. If you are after a specific look of a product please contact us so we can confirm the look with the supplier BEFORE you order the product. Thank you.

The Dometic CoolPro TC-35FL thermoelectric cooler provides an impressive cooling performance down to 25C below the external temperature, which is usually only achieved by compressor-operated appliances. With its intelligent special electronics, this cooler comes with a power-save circuit and memory function in a dust- and moisture-proof keypad and LED display of the the interior temperature.

For use in cars, trucks, boats, camping , BBQ's, poolside or just about anywhere the TC-35FL runs on a 12 volts cigarette lighter plug or 240 volts mains. Light to carry and super tough. The TC-35FL CoolPro 35L Thermoelectric Cooler / Warmer has solid polyurethane foam insulation and an internal fan that is switched off with a micro switch when the unit is opened.


    • Solid polyurethane foam insulation.


    • TC electronics, 7-stage electronic thermostat with robust soft-touch keypad.


    • Internal fan is switched off with micro switch when the unit is opened.


    • Plug straight into mains power or cigarette lighter


Depth550 mm
Height460 mm

WEIGHT 10.3kg