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Great White Wiring Harness 12/24V | Perth Pro Auto


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The Great White Plug and play 12/24V wiring harness with H4 adapter that automatically detects positive or negative switching headlight systems. The kit contains switch, pre-wired relay holder and fuse holder with 25A fuse.

Great White wiring Harness is a top choice for adapter plugs | Perth Pro Auto


This Plug and Play 12/24V wiring harness is suitable for most passenger vehicles, 4X4s and 12/24V trucks. This product automatically detects positive or negative switching headlight systems. Plug and play H4 adapter plugs that can be removed to suit other headlight connector types.

Voltage/Amps: 12V/30A-24V/15A

  • Kit Includes:
  • 1x 12V/30A-24V/15A Relay Holder
  • 1x 12/24V Great Whites Rocker Switch
  • 1x Fuse Holder with 25A Fuse

Great White Brand

Great Whites was developed by off-road enthusiasts, for off-road enthusiasts. The range produces outstanding light output through the use of high end LEDs and smarter reflector technology. This winning combination creates the optimum driving light pattern allowing you to see further down the road and light up your peripherals, ensuring you don’t bump what goes hop in the night.

LED Driving Lights

Designed in Australia to suit the harshest Australian off-road conditions, Great White LED Driving Lights feature:

  • Cree LEDs that produce higher lumens per watt to increase light intensity
  • Cutting edge iris-reflector technology
  • Marine grade aluminium body with a polycarbonate lens
  • Heavy duty brackets to keep your lights in place and not vibrate
  • Tough as nails and covered by a comprehensive five year warranty, Great Whites is an investment in quality lighting for your vehicle.

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Why choose LED?

LED is the evolution of halogen and HID. Whilst HID can reach significant distances, they still rely on using globes which are fragile and cannot last driving on rough surfaces such as old roads, corrugated surfaces or off-road tracks. LED driving lights do not have a globe, making them more sturdy and long lasting. A typical LED will last in excess of 50,000 hours and will light instantly, unlike HID which will last up to 2,500 hours and has an initial warm up period.

Importantly, high performance LED driving lights can operate at 6000K, the colour of the midday sun. This colour temperature is an important safety feature as it reduces fatigue through minimised eye strain.

LEDs have a low current draw making them a more efficient light source compared to halogen and HID lights. 

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