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Uniform GEN3 LED | Camping Lights
Uniform GEN3 LED | Camping Lights
Uniform GEN3 LED | Camping Lights
Uniform GEN3 LED | Camping Lights
Uniform GEN3 LED | Camping Lights


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The new UNIFORM has been redesigned to feature an efficient spotlight and a slimmer design. It features high power efficient LEDs with an adjustable, magnetic stand. The perfect multi-function, workshop LED light.

The Scangrip Uniform GEN3 LED light is a top choice of work/ camping lights with attractive features| Perth Pro Auto


It's light output improved by 50% and it provides therefore an even more powerful and completely uniform illumination ideal for work light operations.

UNIFORM's flexible lamp head tilts up to 180 degrees and the shape and surface of the lamp provides a comfortable, ergonomic grip.

With the turnable sturdy hook, which is also designed to fit the work belt, or the strong built-in magnet on the backside, you can place the lamp everywhere you want during inspection work.

An intelligent battery indicator at the front keeps you informed about the UNIFORM battery level.



  • High power LEDs
  • Easy to use
  • Impact and shock resistant
  • Low current consumption, high efficacy
  • Natural light – colour similar to daylight
  • String, sturdy and resistant to water, oil and chemicals
  • Strong Built in magnet
  • 180 degree flexible head
  • 3 Year Warranty

 This product supersedes 2XM910412011


  • COB LED / Spot: High power LED
  • 475/950 lux @0.5m (step 1/2) / Spot: 6000 lux@0.5m
  • 250/500 lm (step 1/2) / Spot: 175 lm
  • 4.5h/2h (step 1/2) Operation time / Spot: 3h
  • 5h Charging time
  • 3.8V / 3000 mAh Li-ion-Battery
  • IP65
  • Weight: 263 g