Hummingbird's RF Battery Monitor Transmitter


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Hummingbird's RF Battery Monitor Transmitter allows wireless communication to the RF Monitor. No costly installation needed to monitor caravan, boat, fridge, solar and many other batteries.

Hummingbird's Wireless RF Battery Remote Monitor Transmitter

The RF Battery Monitor transmitter uses a long range RF technology meaning that communication is reliable in all configuration of car and trailer. Ultra-low power voltage transmitters are able to be left permanently connected to batteries and do not need to be switched off when not in use. Both 12V and 24V batteries can be monitored.

Installation is as simple as attaching the red and black terminals on the transmitter to the battery that needs to be monitored. Once connected, pairing with the remote monitor is all that is needed.

� Low current draw (less than 50?A for transmitter)
� 9-30V input range


Input Voltage minimum 9V; maximum 36V
Warranty 1 Year
Weight (g) 13
Height (mm) 11
Length (mm) 46
Width (mm) 20