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Intervolt Electronic Battery Isolator with LED voltage display EBI12100A


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The EBI Pro is a revolution in dual battery control devices. Unlike conventional electro-mechanical isolators the EBI Pro is solid state.
The EBI Pro is an electronic battery isolator aimed at replacing out-dated electro-mechanical type devices. Boasting features never before seen in dual battery isolators, the EBI Pro is designed to provide 4WD and RV users with real advantage and years of service.

In many vehicles, particularly 4WD or RV applications, there is a requirement to automatically charge a second (or auxiliary) battery from the starting (or main) battery. This is a well proven concept and is usually only limited by the constraints of the device used in the installation. These constraints have now been overcome by the introduction of the EBI Pro.

The EBI Pro is a revolution in dual battery control devices. Unlike conventional electro-mechanical isolators the EBI Pro is solid state. Solid state means no moving parts. There are no contacts to vibrate, chatter, arc, wear and ultimately fail. The MOSFET based topology of the EBI Pro is proven. Reliability, durability and longevity are built in. The solid state aspect is just the beginning.

Designed on the back of the ground-breaking PSR, the EBI Pro is also adjustable in terms of voltage and time delay. This provides the installer or operator with the means to customise the EBI Pro for the application rather than suffer the one size fits all philosophy from manufacturers of traditional devices. This is a feature previously unavailable in conventional dual battery isolators/combiners and sets interVOLT apart from the competition.




Nominal Voltage 12VDC
Input Voltage 8 - 17VDC
Continuous Contact Rating 100 Amps @ 60C ambient
Peak Current Rating 500 Amps for 5 seconds @ 10% duty cycle
Contact Resistance Across switch terminals <2.0 milliohm @ 25C
Indicator Output Signal 30mA maximum (current limited)


Switch Terminals M8 threaded stud, tin plated copper, 304 stainless steel hardware
Control Terminals M3 threaded contacts, tin plated brass, 304 stainless steel hardware
Construction - Heatsink E-Coated A360 die cast aluminium
Construction - Lid and Base Electrical grade polycarbonate
Construction - Mounting Bracket Bright zinc plated steel
Construction - Terminal Protector Boots NBR rubber
Environmental IP67 rating (internal components only)
Operating Temp -25C to + 60C
Operating Humidity Up to 98%, non-condensing
Dimensions (overall) 92mmL x 67mmW x 94mmH
Weight (nominal) 495 Grams


Thermal Overload Shutdown Automatic reset
Electrical Overload Protection Automatic reset
Under Voltage Disconnect Automatic reconnect
High Voltage Disconnect Automatic reconnect


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