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KT 125A, 100V In-Line Power Meter
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KT 125A, 100V In-Line Power Meter
KT 125A, 100V In-Line Power Meter


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The KT 125AMP In-line Power Meter enables you to view readings of 12V Devices in Real-Time. It is ideal for solar panels, 4x4/ Caravan, Camping/ Marine, and any 12V applications. It suits 50AMP heavy duty connectors.


The Innovative KT 125Amp In-Line Power Meter provides an easy way to view the Volts, Amps, Watts and Battery Percentage of your 12V / 24V / 48V devices by a simple touch of the LCD Display. This unit is suitable for use with any 12V, 24V or 48V application and ideal for use with Solar Panels, Camping & Marine Applications, 4×4 & Caravan Applications & More.

 The ‘In-line’ functionality allows you to connect an ‘Input’ and an ‘Output’ and get a full Volts, Amps, Watts and Battery Percentage ‘real-time’ reading of your power circuit

The ‘Input’ (Also known as Source) can be a Battery, a Solar Panel, Generator or any other device that you would like to draw power from. The Output refers to the Device that is drawing power from the source. (also known as Load) can be a Battery.



  • LCD Touch Display
  • Rated to 125 Amps, 100 Volt
  • Can be used with 12V, 24V & 48V Devices
  • Measure Volts, Amps, Watts & Battery Percentage of 12V devices in real-time
  • Display turns off automatically after 30 seconds
  • Mounts easily to surfaces with 2 screws
  • Unique input & output designed to suit 50Amp connectors
  • One Piece, durable unit with no messy cables
  • The back-lit display provides clear, visible readings day & night.
  • Splash-proof, Shockproof & Dust-proof – IP67 Rated




  • Suitable for use with: 12V/24V/ 48V Devices
  • Max Power Voltage: 100V
  • Max Power Current: 125Amp
  • Dimensions: 100mm x 35mm x 20mm


Important Information: Not Suitable for mounting in vehicle engine bays. Suitable for use in temperatures of -30° to 80°C

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Is the KT Power Meter Waterproof?
The KT Power Meter is Splash-proof, Shockproof & Dust-proof – IP67 Rated. It is also manufactured using UV Stabilised Polycarbonate for use in some of the toughest outdoor environments.

Is the KT Power Meter Bi-directional?
The KT Power Meter is designed with a single Input (Source) and Output (Load) which are designed to suit traditional 50Amp Heavy Duty Connectors (also known as Anderson Connectors). By connecting your Input source, then connecting your Output – Load, the Power Meter will provide an accurate reading of Amps, Volts, Watts and Battery Percentage. The KT Power Meter is ‘In-Line’ and not designed to be bi-directional, however when connecting the other way, The KT Power Meter will read Volts and Battery Percentage, and not display Amps and Watts. We recommend using the KT Power Meter the way it is designed to be used for the most accurate readings.

Will the KT Power Meter drain my battery if left on?
It is impossible for the KT Power Meter to drain your battery. It is simply a measurement tool to monitor Amps, Volts, Watts and Battery Percentage. The KT Power meter contains no batteries, and can only turn on providing there is live power running through the unit from input. The reading also turns off after 30 seconds when not being used. The user can simply touch the Display to bring up the reading when required.


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