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National Luna 110L Fridge 2 Door Dual Thermostat Stainless Steel | Fridge/Freezers


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This product is not available anymore but please find its replacement here NLR110SL

Unbeatable performance!

National Luna Refrigerators are the absolute top of the range premium quality for fridge/freezers.

They provide guaranteed levels of performance even in hot and humid climates, combined with the very lowest possible overall battery consumption unmatched by any other brand.


Double Doors and dual temperature control plus thick-wall insulation throughout for the ultimate versatility and very serious performance.


The LH bin is 55Lt and the RH Bin 55Lt - both can be used as Freezers or Fridges and with different temperatures depending on your needs Eg: One as a Deep Freeze at -18and the other as a shorter term freezer at (say)-5o. If using both as Fridges you may like to set one slightly colder for drinks and one for food.

Note: On double door models, the LH bin must always be set to be the colder bin..

12/ 24v DC and 240v AC are all built in and the unit will automatically select to run on mains power whenever it is available - but revert to battery power if the mains go off. Adjustable low voltage cut-out.

Two digital thermostats ensure each bin maintains your desired temperature range without the need to adjust for hotter or colder weather.


The Performance Benefits Come From

    1. Thicker & higher density insulation

    1. Commercial grade air pressured Lid Seal to reduce losses (seal is easily removable for cleaning)

    1. Huge Cooling Plate (Evaporator) surface area

    1. Digital thermostat and National Luna exclusive circuitry for minimum run times. (in automotive air-conditioning terminology Climate Control Vs normal A/C)

These features combine to give the lowest possible compressor cycle times which in turn gives the lowest possible battery usage over extended periods.


Battery Consumption:
42.44 amp/hour 24hr total.
Average amp/hour consumption is measured with a setting of -10oC and 4oover 24hrs in ambient temperatures 21C x 12hrs (overnight), 32C x 7hrs (morning/evening) and 43C x 5hrs (midday/afternoon).

Minimum Temperature: R/H bin-12C L/H bin -18C at 43C Ambient

Weight: 42 Kg

Dimensions: 835x495x705mm (LxWxH) Height with Lid Open 1150mm

Baskets:8 Plastic