Roadvision Airwire Universal Remote Control Wiring Loom Kit for Driving&Work Lamps | Light Wiring
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Fitting driving lamps has never been so easy! Airwire™ takes all the effort out of installing driving lamps. A simple kit that can be easily fitted by workshops or the DIY handyman. No need to drill holes in the firewall or mount switches in the dash. Simply mount the receiver box and connect directly to the battery, splice in the high beam feed, plug in the driving lamps and cigarette lighter transmitter and you are done. It’s that easy.

For years, driving lamp installation and wiring practices have remained the same – complex wiring inside the engine bay, passing through to the interior cabin of the vehicle. Vehicle dashes and interior panels have to be removed, unsightly holes have to be cut in dashes, and firewalls and complex cabling and relays have to be installed in the engine bay. This is a simple operation for a trained professional with the correct tools and cable accessories, but quite challenging for the average home handyman.

Now, thanks to AIRWIRE™ Remote Controlled Wiring Loom, the latest innovation from Roadvision, the DIY installation of driving lamps has been completely revolutionised.

Roadvision AIRWIRE™ cleverly transmits a radio signal from inside the vehicle cabin to its receiver module mounted inside the engine bay, eliminating the need for cables running through the firewall. The switch is ingeniously mounted on the end of the cigarette lighter plug (the transmitter module) removing the need to mount and wire up a switch in the dash. This means that interior panels, including the dash, don’t have to be removed as it simply plugs into the cigarette lighter socket.

Installation of AIRWIRE™ inside the engine bay is just as simple. The receiver box is simply mounted and the two eye terminals are connected to B+ and B-. Using a standard set of pliers and the gel filled 3M connector, the head lamp is simply tapped into at the high beam feed. The driving lamps are then plugged in using the Deutsch plugs or push on terminals. Roadvision AIRWIRE™ Remote Controlled Wiring Loom is easy to install and can be done by a home handyman in less than 30 minutes.

Roadvision AIRWIRE™ is compliant with ADR fitment requirements for driving lamps through its connection to the high beam feed and separate transmitter switch operation. Roadvision AIRWIRE™ is suitable for positive or negative switching head lamps, is fully potted and sealed from water ingress and has a five metre transmitter range. Roadvision AIRWIRE™ can be installed in almost any vehicle, has a multi-voltage input and 20 amp maximum output and is suitable for Halogen, HID and LED lamps.

Roadvision AIRWIRE™ is so versatile that it can also be used for work lamps, marine deck and fly-bridge lamps or any application where wiring in an external switch is tricky.


  • Easy to install complete DIY Kit
  • Suitable for the home handyman
  • 30 min average install time
  • Requires only basic tools for installation
  • Eliminates drilling holes through the firewall or dash
  • Kit can be easily moved from vehicle to vehicle
  • Multi-volt 9-32V DC input
  • Fully potted electronics & waterproof to IP67
  • 5 metre transmitter range & 3 metre plug & play harness
  • 20A maximum output
  • Deutsch & 3M gel filled connectors

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