Rocker Switch ON / ON
Rocker Switch ON / ON
Rocker Switch ON / ON


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This none illuminated switch is not labeled. You can custom label with this accessory with 100 popular symbol for any equipment symbol you need. 

This sealed rocker switch, sometimes known as carling switch, works with 2 functions (on / on) with 12/24V, 20A @ 12V and 10A @ 24V only draw. It is a push-fit design with push on terminals.

These durable, sealed switches are ideal for 4WD and transport applications. 

It does not illuminate and is for any lights / equipment you want.


Voltage 12 - 24 VOLT
Amps 20
Function ON / ON
Number of Terminals 3
Number of Postions 3
Contact Configuration SPDT
Contacts NC
Illuminated NO

Mounting Opening: 37.5mm X 21mm

Additional parts:

For easy installation also find rocker switch mounting panels in this same category. Available in different sizes.