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YTX4L-BS FA Katana MF AGM Battery 50CCA 3AH


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Engines and batteries are designed by manufacturers to complement each other. While some batteries may look the same, they are not all created equal. It is the unseen internal components which make Katana Sports Batteries stand out from the rest.

Featuring a comprehensive range of Factory Activated, Sealed Maintenance Free AGM and Low Maintenance batteries, Katana Sports Batteries are ideal for use in a diverse range of applications including: Motorcycles, Scooters, ATV’s, Watercrafts, Utility Vehicles, & Lawn & Garden

Manufactured to the highest international standards by the leading name in powersports batteries, Katana Sports Batteries incorporate advanced designed features and specialist hard-wearing components to deliver superior starting power and long lasting performance when it is needed the most.

  • AGM Technology – Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) separators offer more efficient recharging, improved vibration resistance and enhanced durability for longer battery life
  • Polypropylene Cover and Container - Cases and covers are made of polypropylene for superior resistance to fuel, oil and impact
  • Heat Sealed Case - Covers are heat sealed to the case for extra strength and to prevent acid seepage
  • Safety Valve/Flame Arrestor ­- Relieves excess pressure during overcharging, preventing the risk of battery explosion
  • Thru-Partition Construction - Improves current flow during the discharge and recharging cycle to maximise battery life.
  • Special Active Material - The active material between the lead plates is compounded to offer protection from damage caused by movement between the lead plates during use
  • Special Grid Design - The grid design reduces the effects of plate flex during the charging and recharging cycle
  • Patented Sealed Post - The post sealing process prevents acid seepage that causes terminal corrosion

Katana offers a range of factory activated powersports batteries that are ready to use. Manufactured with AGM technology, the YTX range provides superior starting power, vibration and impact resistance making them ideal for high performance applications.

A range of maintenance-free AGM batteries with superior starting power to suit:

  • The latest-model high-performance motorcycles
  • ATV’s
  • Personal watercraft


  • Up to 30% more cranking amps thanks to specialist radial plate designs and extra battery plates*
  • Advanced lead-calcium technology for longer life*
  • High puncture resistant AGM separators for superior vibration and resistance
  • Sulphation retardant to help curb plate damage and provide longer life
  • Sealed maintenance free design





Amp Hours





113 (L) x 70 (W) x 85 (H) x 85 (TH)


12 months