Communication in the Outback 

Having a backup form of communication equipment during your travels in Australia is extremely important. UHF radios are a must when travelling in Australia It is the primary vehicle to vehicle short range communication device and allows contact with nearby travelers if assistance is needed. Antenna choice and optional repeaters can increase the range.

3G & 4G repeaters are a good option to optimise your cellular coverage and improve voicing quality and data speeds in areas of Australia where the normal network signal may be weak. For more information on the different forms of communication visit

Short Range CB Radios

Our range of UHF radios, antennas and other accessories is extensive. GMEs UHF kits are the easiest solution if you are unsure what you need. We also carry all of the accessories you may need to do the installation how you see fit. For more information on UHF radios and the channels available in Australia and what they are used for visit :

3G & 4G Repeaters

3G and 4G repeaters are recommended to gain the maximum coverage when you have an existing bullbar and do most of your travelling around coastal and mountainous areas. They are ideal to boost and distribute mobile signal within your 4 wheel drive or truck. There are many benefits to repeaters including increase mobile phone battery life, eliminating dropped or missed calls, and improving voice quality. Please note only qualified resellers who have undertaken product training perform installations of Cel-fi go's. To find out about installations from Klarmann Automotive Solutions visit their website here.

Easy To Install Electronic Holders for Your Vehicle

Vehicle mounts for your phone or other small devices are very handy. Our range of ram mounts have a design and reliability that is second to none. The patented design utilize rubber and ball and socket that greatly reduce the amount of vibration that can be transmitted into electronics. Their products also feature suction cups for excellent installations on glass surfaces without requiring any holes or drilling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to mount a UHF CB antenna?

As your UHF CB radio operates on ‘line of sight’ the higher you can mount the antenna on your vehicle, the better the performance will be.

Is there benefits to running both the low gain and high gain antenna?

Yes, different circumstances angiography graphical terrain are better suited to either low gain or high gain antennas.

How many devices can connect to a Cel-fi Go?

Cel-fi Go’s provide a coverage area sufficient for multiple simultaneous users, between 5 and 20 depending on the activity.