DC Chargers & Managers

DC Chargers & Managers

The Importance of Battery Charging

A battery is charged by connecting it across a source that has a higher voltage. The rate at which it charges depends on how much higher the applied charging voltage is than the battery that is being charged. Ideally, that voltage needs to be up to 20% higher, but there is a limit as to how high this can be when charging from a car system as the optimum charging voltage is too high for the car’s own electrical needs. For more information about battery charging, please click here.

What is DC-DC Charging?

This box electrically isolates the auxiliary battery from the alternator, compensates for any (reasonable) voltage drop and converts whatever comes in to the optimum charging voltage and regime for any specific size and type of auxiliary battery.

In one go, it solves most of the electrical problems that have plagued caravanners for close to a century. In particular, it finally enables caravan batteries to be properly charged, and their fridges to work at a capacity a lot closer to that intended for them.

Read more about dc-dc chargers here: https://www.withoutahitch.com.au/caravan/battery-management-systems/

DC Managers

The BMS Managers from Redarc are the next level to the BCDC Chargers. They include AC, DC and Solar inputs ideal for large or multiple battery banks. It essentially operates as 6 different products in one. The Manager30 BMS1230S3R features both the RedVision display screen and mobile phone connectivity for complete battery management for charging auxiliary batteries used in recreational automotive and marine applications.

Solar Regulation

Some DC-DC units provide these adaptations. More sophisticated versions, such as Redarc’s BMS1215 series, also have inbuilt solar regulation, multi-stage mains battery charging and remote readout. This simplifies adding solar and increases reliability by combining functions. This is because most electrical troubles are caused by poor connections and/or lack of 100% compatibility.

Now, many external connections are eliminated, and compatibility is built in. If a vehicle has solar modules, the Redarc unit, for example, will automatically select whichever source (alternator or solar) provides the greater charge.

What is Voltage Drop

Now to so-called voltage drop. You’ll get a feel for this when you water the garden: the pressure at the end of a hose is a great deal less than at the tap – the thinner and longer the hose, the lower the pressure at the far end.

Electric cables oppose the flow of current and lose electrical pressure (voltage) in much the same way. Run too thin a cable over any distance and voltage is lost along the way. You can find more information about voltage drop here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voltage_drop

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a DCDC Charger and BCDC Charger?

There isn’t really a difference. Redarc has just branded their DCDC Chargers with the name BCDC meaning “Battery Charger Direct Current.”.

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