DC Chargers & Managers

DC Chargers & Managers

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A battery charges by connecting to a power source with a higher voltage. The charging rate depends on the voltage difference between the power supply and battery. For optimal charging, the supply voltage should be around 20% higher than the battery. 

However, car electrical systems have limits on maximum voltage to power their own components. More details on battery charging basics can be found here.

At Perth Pro, we provide DC chargers of all varieties that allow for these functionalities, ensuring maximum performance across the board. 

Understanding DC to DC Charging (DC-DC)

A DC to DC battery charger electrically isolates the auxiliary battery from the alternator. It also regulates voltage drops and converts the input to the ideal charging voltage and mode for the specific auxiliary battery.

This solves many common electrical issues for caravans and RVs. In particular, it allows proper charging of the caravan battery. It also enables the fridge to operate closer to its intended capacity.

You can read more about DC-DC chargers and their benefits here.

DC Power Managers

DC power managers from Redarc, for example, build on their DC to DC chargers. Models like the Manager30 BMS1230S3R combine AC, DC, and solar inputs in one device. This is ideal for large or multiple battery banks.

The manager integrates six functions into one. It also has a display screen and mobile connectivity for complete battery monitoring. This enables full management of charging auxiliary batteries in vehicles and boats.

Incorporating Solar Regulation

Some DC to DC chargers include solar regulation. More advanced versions, like the Redarc BMS1215 series, have built-in solar controllers. They also feature multi-stage mains charging and remote monitoring.

Combining these functions improves reliability by reducing connections. Most electrical issues stem from poor connections or compatibility. With an integrated unit, compatibility is ensured and external connections minimized.

For systems with solar panels, the charger automatically selects between solar or alternator charging to provide maximum charging.

The Impact of Voltage Drop

Voltage drop refers to the loss of electrical pressure along cables carrying current. It's similar to the drop in water pressure at the end of a long, narrow hose.

Using undersized cables with your DC charger over a long distance causes a voltage drop. This results in less voltage arriving at the devices being powered. More details on voltage drop can be found here.

Proper cable sizing and short cable runs help minimise voltage drop in electrical systems. At Perth Pro, we aim to provide products that allow you to avoid these instances.

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Find your perfect power accessory or staple online now with our convenient and easy-to-use website. For more information on specific products, get in touch with our friendly team. We’re always more than happy to answer questions or point your in the right direction. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a DCDC Charger and BCDC Charger?

There isn’t really a difference. Redarc has just branded their DCDC Chargers with the name BCDC meaning “Battery Charger Direct Current.”.

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