Engel Fridges & Freezers – For Australian Conditions

So what is it that makes Engel Australia’s number one?

Engel’s World Famous Sawafuji Swing Motor

All Engel fridge-freezers are powered by the unique Sawafuji Swing Motor. Japanese technology at its best, the Sawafuji Swing Motor has only one moving part. The piston connects to an electro-dynamic device which is powered by the use of magnetic fields. This technology means no need for bearings, cranks or con-rods; and less moving parts means less chance of failure. The Motor does not need to perform a full stroke on start up unlike many rotary type compressors; meaning it doesn’t have a high start up current draw. Low friction loss adds to its efficiency. The Motor operates at 30 degree angles and on rough corrugated tracks without losing any efficiency, making it the most effective choice of motor for Engel.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do engel fridges need to be perfectly flat and level when running?

Unlike other brands of portable fridges, Engel doesn't need to be level to perform. Engel has a unique compressor that is designed to be portable, the famous Sawafuji Swing Motor (please refer to the Swing Motor link on the right) it can run up to a 30 degree angle without losing efficiency.

How cold will my Engel fridge get?

An Engel chest type fridge / freezer can be used for either a fridge or a freezer it's just a matter of adjusting the thermostat. Set to freeze number 5 on the dial it will get to approximately minus 18 degrees C.

How long will my fridge run on my car battery?

This is one of the most common questions we get and also the hardest to answer. There are many variables when it comes to refrigeration. It can depend on many things for example, the temperature on the day, what you have inside the fridge, how many times you open and close the lid or door, the size and charge of your battery, etc……..But as a guide the 40 litre chest fridge / freezer (MT45F-S please refer to the chest category) is our most popular model the maximum current draw is only 2.5 amps on 12.8 volt, so the way you would calculate the number of hours your fridge would run on you battery is divide the number of amp / hours your battery holds by the maximum current your fridge draws and that will give you an approximate time. Keeping in mind if you only have one battery you will need this battery to start your car. This is of course worse case scenario your Engel will cycle on and off controlled by the thermostat so the current consumption would be much lower when being used as a refrigerator. When considering a portable fridge ask the question “What is the Maximum current draw?”

What type of compressor does Engel use?

Engel's World Famous Sawafuji Swing Motor Unique to Engel this purpose built compressor is designed to be a portable refrigeration compressor and is one of the key reasons why ENGEL is 'A LEGEND IN RELIABILITY'. What is the first rule in engineering? - Keep it simple! The Sawafuji Swing Motor is a true reciprocating compressor; it has only one moving part. It doesn[squote]t get any simpler. The piston is connected to an electro dynamic device which is powered by the use of magnetic fields. With this technology there is no need for bearings, cranks or con-rods, so less moving parts means less chance of failure. With only one moving part there is a very low friction loss which means this is a highly efficient compressor. It has no high start up current draw because when it starts up it can simply move down just a fraction then return. Then it slowly increases the distance the piston travels each stroke until it reaches a full stroke. The Sawafuji Swing Motor does not need to perform a full stroke on start up unlike many rotary type compressors that must perform a complete cycle and need much more current to start. Because this is purpose built and designed to be a portable refrigerator compressor it has to be engineered to take the harshest of Australian conditions.

The Sawafuji Swing Motor is located inside the compressor casing with pins locating in rubber bushes then suspended in between shock absorbent springs. It operates at 30 degrees angles and on rough corrugated tracks without losing efficiency. The leading brand for over 40 Years, only ENGEL portable fridge-freezers guarantee to go anywhere. Their reputation speaks for itself. ENGEL's commitment to continuous improvement means that the ENGEL of today is the most reliable, the most efficient ever, quieter and full of features to ensure it is easier to use than ever before.

What does the engel transit bag do?

The Engel Transit Bag does three things, the first thing is that it protects your investment, Engel have a great resale value so if you decide in a few years time that you would like to update your Engel to a larger unit you can remove the transit bag and the unit looks near new you get better money for it. The second thing is the transit bag helps insulate so the fridge holds temperature longer and the compressor doesn't need to run as often. The third thing is the storage pocket on the front of the bag allows you to store you cords, user manual and purchase receipt in so where ever you travel with you Engel you have everything you need. (Please refer to Transit Bags in the Fridge Accessories category).