Work Lights

Work Lights

Buy LED work lights for camping or 4WD use

With their rugged construction and advanced lighting technology, these lights provide superior illumination that's essential for navigating challenging terrains or working under low-light conditions. Versatile design means they can be easily mounted on different parts of a vehicle, ensuring a well-lit area regardless of the environment. Whether you're setting up after dusk, making emergency repairs, or navigating off-road trails, these LED work lights ensure that darkness never hampers your adventure or work. Their energy-efficient design also ensures minimal drain on your vehicle's battery, while delivering bright, consistent light.

Our range of LED Work Lights are the perfect addition to a campsite or worksite. The lights are available for roof racks, canopies, handheld & magnetic lights to put almost anywhere.  Having reliable worklights means you don’t have to struggle with a flashlight and can fully enjoy your 4WD or camping trip. Fitting extra lights around your vehicle is an easy way to always ensure you have light on a campsite.

How do I make sure my vehicle has enough power?

Generally, you want your driving lights connected to your start battery just as you have your standard, factory lights. If your planning on installing work or camp lights that you want to use once parked somewhere, usually those are powered by your auxiliary battery. The amperage of the lights can be calculated by dividing the watts of the light by the Voltage (12 or 24). This article explains how much your light will drain your battery and how quickly you will need to charge it.