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Fixed vs Portable Solar

You can estimate about 5 hours of sunlight per day in Australia. Depending on whether you prefer to park in the direct sun, or the shade will affect this number. We recommend a fixed panel on your roof if you are often in direct sunlight. If you prefer to park in the shade, we recommend a solar blanket or portable panel that you can position in the sun.



The main difference between Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and PWM is that MPPT devices are more efficient. Check out this website for a more in-depth comparison.

How to Make Solar Work For You

If you are unsure what your solar system should include for your setup watch the video on the left do get some information from Heiner on everything from what type of panel & orientation to how heat can affect how its setup.


To figure out which size of solar controller you need, visit victrons mppt calculator page