Driving/Spot/Bar Lights

Driving/Spot/Bar Lights

LED driving spotlights for Australian conditions

Get the most out of your 4wd! Buy driving spotlights for Australia overlanding that will let you  explore the remote and geographically diverse locations this country to offer. Having enough visibility will make for a successful & safe trip. LED driving spotlights have so many benefits including greater vision for night driving, energy efficiency and versatility.

Why LED Driving Spotlights?


Though there are several types of lights on the market, LEDs are a go-to choice for 4 wheel drivers. HID is recommended over halogen as they have a longer beam distance and the light tends to be more neutral, which reduces eye fatigue and adds clarity to your night-driving experience, but they only last around 2,000 hours. LEDs however, last for over 50,000 hours. They are also cooler when running, draw less energy, reduce glare and are not as fragile as their competitors. More information on the comparison can be found here https://www.lightforce.com/AUS/blog/post/hybrid-vs-halogen-vs-hid-led/

LED light bars and driving spotlights combined


Having enough lighting in all directions is a top priority when it comes to 4 wheel driving at night. When driving off-road or cross country you will be faced with mist, wildlife crossings, darkness and much more. To ensure your safety, you need powerful, long distance illumination, or pencil beam head lights. To get complete coverage we also recommend installing a light bar on the front of your car to get the broader areas at short distance. A combination of both is the most ideal to insure you get enough light everywhere needed. More information on the different types of headlights here https://support.kchilites.com/hc/en-us/articles/205799578-What-are-the-differences-between-the-types-of-light-patterns-


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