Stop/Tail/Indicator Lights

Stop/Tail/Indicator Lights

Shop for Efficient & Reliable LED Tail Lights in Australia

Welcome to Perth Pro, your premier online destination for the ultimate in auto electric parts, where excellence meets innovation. Our carefully curated range of LED tail lights is designed to elevate your 4WD experience, blending cutting-edge technology with unmatched reliability and style. Whether you’re navigating the rugged outback or cruising the city streets, our LED tail lights are your partner in ensuring safety, durability, and efficiency.



We offer a large range of automotive, trailer, truck and boating LED Stop, Tail & Indicator Lights. Many different sizes – single and combination lights to suit any application. Fitment of these lights is quick and easy & they are also dust, waterproof & maintenance free. 

Why LED?

Though there are several types of lights on the market, LEDs are a go-to choice for 4 wheel drivers. HID is recommended over halogen as they have a longer beam distance and the light tends to be more neutral, which reduces eye fatigue and adds clarity to your night-driving experience, but they only last around 2,000 hours. LEDs however, last for over 50,000 hours. They are also cooler when running, draw less energy, reduce glare and are not as fragile as their competitors.

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