Essential to Installations

 In auto electrical setups, wiring is an important component and cannot be overlooked. Your products cannot be used properly without the installation of cablefusesconnectors, etc and to install these components you need specific toolscrimps & lugs and ties/tape to ensure the finished product is neat and looks professional. 

Choosing Cable and Fuses

Calculating what size of cable and what fuses you need for certain products you plan to install, and use can be tricky. You need to consider the length of cable you are running, the voltage drop, and what each product recommends you use. View our CABLE SIZE GUIDE 


For more information on picking the right cables and fuses, watch this video:   


Using your Accessories

When incorporating any products into your vehicle such as a light bar, compressor, or winch, its essential that you install switches for them so they can be put to use when necessary. We have a wide range of blank and labelled switches with different color options as well as switch panels to suit a variety of vehicles.


Connectors and plugs are also important to be able to run accessories and products properly. From Anderson plugs to merit plugs, we have many options to suit each product requirement as well as your preferences. 

Overlooked Equipment

Our range of tools is important for soldering, crimping, and cutting when installing your products. Some tools are specific to certain kinds of cable, crimps, and terminals.

Underrated but essential are tape and cable ties. They help finish an installation and make everything look tidy. Fleece tape is especially good to protect your cables as it is heat resistant and reduces rattling.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What size of cable,lugs, crimps, etc do I need?

View our Cable size guide below.