Dual battery system installation made easy with the EGON DC Hub.

EGON takes a fresh look at product shortfalls and the needs of the adventure motoring, sail boats cruising, recreational vehicle builds, and other DC applications.

Our first product is a remarkable cost and time saving device called a DC-Hub. Imagine a simple, extremely robust product that considerably reduces workshop time, but also does away with the need for specialist expertise when wiring DC setups. If you are building and installing DC electrics into 4WDs, recreational vehicles, boats of all sizes, and even dwellings that run on solar-charged DC setups, this is a marvelous, cost saving device.

For more information about EGON, please check out the EGON website here.

Have a look at the video below being one of a series of installation and explanation guides. For more videos, please see here and check out the EGON YouTube channel.