EGON – The Heart of Every Build

EGON – The Heart of Every Build

EGON takes a fresh look at product shortfalls and the needs of the adventure motoring, sail boats cruising, recreational vehicle builds, and other DC applications

About EGON


EGON is young company dedicated to solving build challenges in RVs, trailers, caravans, 4WDs and anything licensed to move on the road. And the sea . . .The company was formed in 2019.

Owned and operated by automotive engineer Heiner Klarmann and award-winning 4WD author and overland explorer, Andrew St Pierre White. The company is based near the city of Perth, Western Australia

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One of A Kind

EGON's first products are both unique in the true sense of the word. The DC-Hub and Water-Hub are one-of-a-kind cost saving devices designed to eliminate the expertise needed for vehicle-based DC wiring and plumbing builds. It connects all elements needed in these builds into a single, central nucleus improving simplicity, while significantly decreasing build times and warranty claims.  

Our first product is a remarkable cost and time saving device called a DC-Hub (

Imagine a simple, extremely robust product that considerably reduces workshop time, but also does away with the need for specialist expertise when wiring DC setups. If you are building and installing DC electrics into 4WDs, recreational vehicles, boats of all sizes, and even dwellings that run on solar-charged DC setups, this is a marvelous, cost saving device. 

Shipping & Delivery

Perth Pro ships EGON products nationally as well as internationally!

The shipping cost varies with weight and delivery location. To find out the delivery cost to your address, please give us a call on 08-61553932.

For wholesale inquires please contact us by email at

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Professional Installations

Interested in having someone install your EGON products?

We are working hand in hand with KLARMANN – Automotive Solutions as our trusted partners for all your installation needs.

You can leave us a message with your order that you require an installation service, and we will have them get in touch with you. Alternatively you can check out their Website or Facebook page and contact them directly.

Klarmann have designed a Lithium battery management system featuring the EGON DC Power Distribution Hub, especially made for Landcruiser 79 Series. See more information about the Battery Management system here (


Do it Yourself Installations

EGONs products are designed to simple and practical for self-installation.  Egon, along with Klarmann have put together installation videos 

The Water Hub Installation Video: COMING SOON!

Check out the DC Hub Product Page for links to installation diagrams/instructions (


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the EGON DC-Hub and Redarc’s Red Vision System?

There are several differences between these two products. The main one being the simplicity of the DC-Hub, which stays away from the technology of screens and phones, etc simplifying the product immensely. The Red Vision has many integrated features including water level monitoring, temperatures, etc.

The installation of the Red vision includes running multiple cables and requires lugs, crimps, and shrink cable, whereas the DC-Hub doesn’t. All cables go to a single point and no other bits and pieces are required.

The Red Vision has a max of 80A where the DC-Hub has a max of 150A

For more information about the comparison of these products, check out the youtube video EGON created for it :

What Water heaters are compatible with the Water Hub?