Short Range CB Radios

Our range of UHF radios, antennas and other accessories is extensive. GMEs UHF kits are the easiest solution if you are unsure what you need. We also carry all of the accessories you may need to do the installation how you see fit. For more information on UHF radios and the channels available in Australia and what they are used for visit : https://summerstar.com.au/blog/uhf-channels-australia

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to mount a UHF CB antenna?

As your UHF CB radio operates on ‘line of sight’ the higher you can mount the antenna on your vehicle, the better the performance will be.

Is there benefits to running both the low gain and high gain antenna?

Yes, different circumstances angiography graphical terrain are better suited to either low gain or high gain antennas.

What are common channels to use on UHF CB?

There are a total of 80 channels available with UHF CB, so there should always be channels free of conversation to use.

Some channels have been allocated for specific uses.

  • - Ch 5 & 35 should only be used for emergencies
  • - Ch 11 is the officially designated call channel to link up with specific people before moving off to another channel to communicate
  • - Ch 22-23 are designated telemetry/Selcall channels and voice transmission is inhibited as required under the standard – AS/NZS 4365.2010
  • - Ch 1~8; 31~38, 41~48, and 71~78 are used for communicating with repeaters, and radio must be used in duplex mode