Klarmann Troopy Interior Kit

Introducing the Ultimate Troop Carrier Interior Solution – a meticulously crafted masterpiece designed for adventurers like you who seek the perfect blend of functionality, innovation, and convenience. Born from a collaboration between our expert team and Odyssey, our Troopy interior is engineered to elevate your travel experience.



Troopcarrier Interior Kit | Klarmann Automotive Solutions & Perth Pro Auto Electric Partstroopcarrier interior kit | Klarmann automotive solutions & perth pro auto electric parts


Pricing (for the interior only - does not include any electrics or plumbing):


Australian Price: $13249.60 AUD (Inc. GST)*

International Price: $12500 AUD*

Please note, the Australian version includes a vented battery compartment according to Australian Wiring Standards.

*Excludes Crate & Freight Charges

Crate price $800 AUD (Inc. GST)


Design and Construction: Our in-house design, led by the skilled hands of fabricator John, ensures a robust and aesthetically pleasing interior for your Troop Carrier. Partnering with Odyssey, we've incorporated their high-quality floor panels into our design, creating a foundation that's as sturdy as it is stylish.

Global Accessibility: Our vision goes beyond borders. We've crafted an interior that can be fully wired, plumbed, and shipped anywhere in the world. No matter where your adventures take you, our comprehensive drawer system and integrated electronics will keep you powered up and ready for the next journey. This interior is designed to be used in Troop Carriers with left-hand or right-hand driving.


Flexible Electrical Options:

Explore the flexibility of your Troopy's electrical setup with a range of customizable options. You have the choice to either embark on a DIY adventure using your own accessories and equipment or let Klarmann Automotive Solutions handle the installation for you. We ensure that your vehicle is equipped with everything you need, seamlessly installed and wired up, ready to plug and play.

Tailor your Troopy's interior to meet your specific needs by opting for various electrical components. In the first build we have done, we installed the following: 

(See Video Above)

  1. Hot Water/Shower Outlet: Indulge in the luxury of a hot shower with easy access through a gullwing or the open door, providing convenience no matter where you are.

  2. Travel Buddy: Accessible from inside or behind the car, this feature adds convenience to your journey.

  3. Integrated Electrical System: Enjoy an organized setup with all components neatly packed in one compartment below the fridge location or behind the seats, ensuring a streamlined and efficient configuration.

  4. Powerful Lithium Batteries: With an impressive 400ah capacity of lithium batteries, not only are your energy needs met, but they are exceeded.

  5. Versatile Outlets and Charging Station: A well-designed charging station provides space for a switch interface for lights, water pumps, and more. Accessible through the left side gullwing or from inside the vehicle, there's room for a Victron Touch 50 display screen, 240 or 120V outlets, and 12V USB outlets, ensuring you stay connected wherever your adventure leads.

  6. Left Side Behind the Seats: Every inch of this space is optimized for functionality, accommodating features such as a drink water outlet, external water inlet, air outlet, Egon DC hub, DCDC charger, solar input, and diesel heater air intake vent.



    Key Features:

    • Fridge Compatibility: Accommodating up to a 90L National Luna fridge, you'll never have to compromise on keeping your supplies cool and fresh.
    • Locked Compartments: Safeguard your valuables with lockable doors directly behind the seats, giving you peace of mind during your travels.

    Tailored Compartments:

    • Middle Compartment: Two lockable compartments between the seats offer secure storage solutions and accessibility from the driver seat. 
    • Back Doors: The left side provides access to a small open compartment and a drawer, while the right side reveals a full-length drawer for additional storage options.

    Internal Comforts:

    • Storage Under Seating Bench: Maximize space with convenient storage beneath the seating bench.
    • Slide Out Tables: Have the option to slide out a table to share a meal
    • Electrical System: All neatly packed in one compartment below the fridge location, behind the seats, ensuring a streamlined and efficient setup.

    Embark on a new era of adventure with the Troop Carrier Interior Kit – where design meets practicality, and every journey becomes a seamless experience. Are you ready to redefine your expedition?



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