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Lazerlamps Utility 25 Work Light (single)
Lazerlamps Utility 25 Work Light (single)
Lazerlamps Utility 25 Work Light (single)
Lazerlamps Utility 25 Work Light (single)
Lazerlamps Utility 25 Work Light (single)
Lazerlamps Utility 25 Work Light (single)
Lazerlamps Utility 25 Work Light (single)
Lazerlamps Utility 25 Work Light (single)
Lazerlamps Utility 25 Work Light (single)


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The Utility-25s are hugely versatile, medium-duty work lights, which through the latest advances in LED lighting technology, gives superior levels of light output considering its compact size. Sharing product DNA with the larger Utility-45 and Utility-80 heavy duty work lights, the lamp is built tough and engineered to deliver constant, reliable light output perfectly tuned to a broad range of applications and vehicle types.

The Utility 25 (Maxx) from Lazerlamps is a top choice for worklights with an optional Amber Cover | Perth Pro Auto




Measuring 80mm x 80mm, and capable of operating between 9-32V, the Utility-25 utilises highly efficient 6W / 11W LEDs from a world-leader in LED design and manufacture. Like all Lazer products, the colour temperature of the LEDs is carefully selected at 5000 kelvin to maximise sharpness and definition of the area ahead, without causing fatigue or strain which can come from using LEDs with a higher colour range. The vacuum-metallised optics harness the 3,016/4.560  raw lumens delivering 78 degree spread (to 10% of peak intensity). The impressive lighting performance is maintained through the high thermal conductivity of the ‘Matrix’ cooling system which allows the lamp to be run at a higher drive current without compromising the longevity of the LEDs themselves.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Utility-25 is a product built to last, and to withstand harsh environments, backed up by a comprehensive 5yr warranty*. The polycarbonate lens with hardcoat, is bonded in place to guarantee water-tightness (IP69K), while the lamps have undergone extensive testing to comply with EU regulations in relation to vibration, shock, and corrosion resistance. Advanced electronic design ensures full EMC protection to CISPR-25 (Class 5†) standards. 

Supplied with male/female Deutsch connectors (part no. DT06-2S/DT04-2P), and ADR approved thanks to additional cable protection, the Utility-25 also comes supplied with a satin black-painted stainless-steel mounting system, which allows flexibility in mounting the light in many different orientations.




  • UNECE approved Work Light (Reg 10)
  • High density, premium ‘bin’ LEDs
  • Certified IP67/IP69K watertight
  • CAE optimised 'Matrix' cooling system
  • Advanced optical design delivers superior lighting performance
  • Electronic thermal management system 
  • Automotive grade corrosion resistance (ISO 9927 / BS EN 60068)
  • 5,000 kelvin light temperature for maximum definition
  • EMC protected - CISPR 25: 2008 (Class 4) certified
  • Vibration Certified (BS EN 60068): 10Hz - 2000Hz, 1 oct/min, 10gn
  • Over voltage protection
  • ‘Unbreakable’ polycarbonate lens with hardcoat lacquer
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Male and female 2-pin Deutsch connectors included
  • 5 year warranty
  • made in Britain


What's Included


  • 1x Utility-25 or Utility-25 MAXX Work Lamp
  • 1x Uility-25 Centre Mount (supplied attached to lamp)


Optional Amber Cover 


Specifically designed for the Utility-25 work light, the Amber lens cover engages perfectly with the lamp housing for a secure fitting, that allows the colour of light to be changed from 5000 kelvin to ‘selective yellow’. The lenses are made from polycarbonate, and feature a gasket which helps prohibit water and dust getting between the lenses.

  • Easily alter colour temperature to ‘selective yellow’
  • Improved visibility in rain, fog, and snow conditions
  • Designed for use with Utility-25 work lamp
  • Includes a gasket to prohibit water and dust getting behind the lens
  • Made from polycarbonate




Voltage Range (DC)


LED Life

50,000 hours

Colour Temperature

5,000 Kelvin


360 gr



Total Luminous Flux

3016 Lm

Colour Temperature


Number of High Output LEDs


Power Consumption

25 Watts / 45 Watts (Utility Maxx)

Current Draw (at 14.4V)

1.6 Amps / 3.1A (Utility Maxx)



Work Lamp 

ECE R10 

IP Rating

IP68 / IP69K 

Salt Spray Test

ISO 9227 (250H)

EMC Protection

CISPR-25: 2008 (Class 5†)





Vibration (BS EN 60068) 

10Hz-2000Hz, 10gn 

Operating Temperature

-40deg C ... +90degC 




80 mm


56 mm


80 mm



1Lx Line @

54m/62m (Utility Maxx)

5Lx Line @

24m / 37m (Utility Maxx)

20Lx Line @

12m/21m (Utility Maxx)

50Lx Line @ 

7m* / 14m* (Utility Maxx)

* - 50Lx represents HSE guidelines for effective illumination when working outdoors at night.


Find here the Utility 25 Product Information Sheet

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