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Super Quick Fist Clamp 64 to 240mm (1pc)
Super Quick Fist Clamp 64 to 240mm (1pc)


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DQFS200/20020 / QF20020
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Regular price $49.00
DQFS200/20020 / QF20020
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The Super Quick Fist Clamp is designed to mount tools to your vehicle. Holds 64-240mm in diameter and supports a safe working load of 23kg. The clamp range from Quick Fist are made of heavy duty transportation grade rubber, are salt & UV resistant and can handle both high and low temperatures, making them the perfect hold down gear for the Australian Four wheel driver. 




  • Holds objects from 64 to 240mm in diameter
  • Each clamp supports a safe working load of 23kgs 
  • 2 clamps support 45kg
  • Mount easily with three #10 bolts or screws
  • Mounting area: 152 x 22mm
  • 1 piece 




Two good ways to install QUICK FIST clamps are with Jacknuts® or rivetnuts.

Jacknut® Threaded inserts

Jacknuts are a fast and inexpensive way to put a nut into a place where there is no access for a traditional nut. After drilling a hole, the Jacknut is inserted and then tightened with the proper sized bolt. The “legs” of the Jacknut collapse to grip the inside of the mounting surface, leaving a permanent, reusable nut in the hole.

Rivetnuts (best known brand is Nutserts®)

These are nuts that can be riveted into drilled holes. Like Jacknuts these are particularly good to install where the underside of a mounting hole cannot be accessed. To install rivetnuts, you will need a special type of rivet gun or find a garage that will install them for you.

Installation Instructions for #20020