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Redarc BCDC1212T Light Duty Battery Charger DC to DC 12A


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The REDARC BCDC1212T Light-duty trailer DC Battery Charger is a 12 volt, 12 amp, input current-limited, DC to DC battery charger. 


The New Redarc BCDC1212T is a top choice for DC Chagrers, light duty and made for trailers | Perth Pro Auto



The REDARC BCDC1212T Light-duty DC Battery Charger is a 12 volt, 12 amp, input current-limited, DC to DC battery charger, designed to charge liftgate and trailer auxiliary batteries to 100% state of charge while you’re on the move.

Always charged and ready to work

The BCDC1212T is the ideal battery charger for trailers - such as dump trailers, boat trailers, car trailers, liftgate trucks and camper vans - with electrical equipment and accessories (for example, hydraulic pumps, winches and fridges).

This 12 volt, 12 amp input-limited charger works in 12 and 24 volt vehicles. The BCDC1212T charges standard lead acid, calcium content, Gel, AGM and LiFePO4 batteries.

Multi-stage charging profile

The unique charging profile for each battery type allows the maintenance for your auxiliary battery. This DC battery charger keeps the secondary battery charged whilst driving to a proven 100% state of charge. It allows users to save time by powering the battery throughout the day and removes the dependence on AC mains charging ensuring you’re always charged and ready to work.


Built tough for all conditions

This BCDC1212T is moisture, dust, and mud resistant, designed and built by REDARC to be the highest quality and most reliable battery charger of its kind.

Made in Australia, the BCDC Light duty DC Battery Charger has undergone years of testing in some of the harshest conditions on the planet.

REDARC has been in business for over forty years and all our products are made tough enough to take anything nature can throw at them.


Output Voltage 12V
Maximum Charging Voltage 15.3V
Input (Operating) Voltage 9–32V
Vehicle alternator voltage 12V vehicle | 24V vehicle
Boost Current (Max) 11A | 20A
Nominal Output Power 147W | 294W
Input Current (Max.) 12A
Standby Current Draw <8mA
Input Fuse Rating 15A – 23A (FK23 recommended, not supplied)
Output Fuse Rating 30A (FK30 recommended, not supplied)
Dimensions 165 x 120 x 37mm
Weight (kg) 0.85
Warranty 2 years