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Redarc EB24A Electric Trailer Brake Adaptor for 24V Vehicles


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The REDARC Electric Trailer Brake Adaptor is designed to operate a 12 volt brake controller in a 24 volt vehicle.
The EB24A is an adaptor designed to operate a 12 volt brake controller in a 24 volt vehicle, and:

    • Allows 24 volt brake lights to switch on the EB


    • Allows EB manual button to switch on 24 volt brake lights


    • Provides 24 - 12 volt charging so braking power can be taken from one battery


About the range of brake controllers

The REDARC range of electric trailer brake controllers provides an easy to operate method of controlling electric brakes on a trailer, camper-trailer, boat trailer or caravan.
Your trailer behaves exactly as you expect it to whenever you apply the vehicle brakes. You can apply the trailer brakes independently of the towing vehicle�s brakes, giving you absolute control over your trailer - no more uncontrollable sway! The LED indicator on the trailer brake controller or dashboard panel (depending on installation type) glows green when a trailer with electric brakes is plugged in. Application of the brakes from the foot brake or the manual button on the controller will change the LED to red - the shade of red indicating to what degree the brakes are being applied. The adjustment knob will set the level of braking whether activated by the manual button or the foot brake.



    • Compact size


    • LED status and braking force indication


    • Override button for independent trailer brake activation


    • Simple gain adjust for variation in braking force


    • May be installed at any angle without affecting performance


    • Suitable for vehicles with lower leg airbags



    • Ensures safe braking when towing a trailer


    • Remote head model means no more hitting your knees on your brake controller


    • Remote head model allows for a neat installation


    • Trailer mount model allows towing from multiple tow vehicles


    • Simple to operate and easy to install


    • Suitable for vehicles with lower leg airbags




Input (Operating) Voltage 24VDC
Output System Voltage 12VDC
Length (mm) 135
Width (mm) 70
Height (mm) 50
Warranty 2 Years
Protection Reverse Polarity, Short Circuit
Weight (kg) 0.5


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