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Grey Anderson Connector Plugs


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The Anderson Style Connector Plugs are Heavy Duty Connectors available in 4 size options: 50A, 120A, 175A & 350A. Used widely in both domestic and industry, for many 4WD applications, boating, automotive and other industries.



Based off the design pioneered by Anderson in 1953, the two pole SB® connectors set the standard for DC power distribution and battery connections. 

SB connectors feature a rugged one piece plastic housing using stainless steel springs to retain the contacts and create the “contact force” that provides extremely low resistance enabling greater electrical efficiency.

The SB connectors are also genderless (flip one 180 degrees and they will mate to each other) reducing the customer’s bill of materials and providing greater economies of scale when purchasing.

The SB series of connectors range in size from SB50 to the SB350. Each family size offers color-coded, mechanically keyed housings designed to prevent both visually and physically cross-mating devices with different voltages.

All the connectors are UL rated to 600 volts so the keys and colors are just identifiers to prevent accidents. Contacts are traditionally Silver plated to minimize electrical resistance while offering supreme durability and reliability.

Connectors feature a one piece plastic housing using stainless steel springs to hold low resistance contacts in place. 

The Anderson style Connectors are the preferred heavy duty connection for all DC power distribution and battery connections. The gender less design allows you to quickly create custom, highly efficient connections for any DC and solar setup.

The Anderson plugs are built to last. Made from durable polycarbonate with stainless steel locking springs it is a favourite amongst off-road campers, 4x4 's and caravaners alike.

The genderless design simply means each unit is a plug/socket - 2 units are required for a complete connection. There is a range of colors available to enable you to create easily discernible circuits. Each color has a unique key, which cannot be mis-connected, ie colors will only mate with themselves, red to red or blue to blue. 




  • Same Great Design as Standard Connectors
    Use a trusted connector design in new applications
    Fully intermateable with standard product
  • Superior Chemical Resistance
    Housing material is highly resistant to hydrocarbons and solvents commonly used in transportation and industrial applications
  • Broader Operating Temperature Range
    Enables use in lower temperatures
  • Durable Performance
    Resists damage from rough treatment
  • Enhanced UV Resistance
    Prevents material degradation from prolonged sunlight exposure
  • Marked for Easy Identification of Material
    Chemical resistant housings are marked with a “P” for PBT

Size Options


SB 50

  • Low Resistance Silver or Tin Plated Copper Contacts
    Allows UL rated currents up to 120 amps
  • UL Rated for Hot Plugging up to 50 Amps
    Great for battery or other applications where the ability to interrupt circuits is required
  • Chemical Resistant Housings available
  • Wire, PCB, and Busbar Contacts
    Allows one connection system to meet multiple needs
  • Also Available in RED, BLUE, & BLACK

SB 120

  • New extended range contacts expand wire size up to #1 AWG (42.4 mm²)
    Allows UL rated currents up to 240 amps
  • Chemical resistant housing option
    Extends temperature range down to -40°C, while offering enhanced UV and chemical resistance
  • Panel mounting grooves
    With use of mounting clamps, can be easily mounted through panels

SB 175

  • Standard Housing uses up to 1/0 (50mm2) wire and allows currents up to 280 amps
  • SB 2/0 housing allow s use of 2/0 (70mm2) wire and handles up to 340 amps
  • Same external dimensions as standard SB175 and completely inter-mateable
  • UL rated for Hot Plugging up to 100 amps
  • Chemical resistant housing option
    Extends temperature range down to -40°C, while offering enhanced UV and chemical resistance
  • Wire and Busbar Contacts
    Allows one connection system to meet multiple application needs

SB 350

  • Up to 350 mcm (185mm2) Wires
    Allows UL rated currents up to 500 amps
  • Chemical resistant housing option
    Extends temperature range down to -40°C, while offering enhanced UV and chemical resistance
  • Same housings used for wire and busbar contacts
    Enables color-coded mechanically keyed wire to busbar connections

Included in Kit

Each kit includes one housing and 2 contacts. You simply crimp your wire into the contact which is then inserted into the appropriate side ( - / +) of the housing. You now have a high quality, easy access, quick release connection point.

Chemical Resistant

The Chemical Resistant (CR) line of connectors were developed for customers whose applications require robust connector solutions that offer durability against environmental factors that commonly degrade standard products. The housing material offers improved resistance to hydrocarbons and solvents, as well as an extended temperature range. The CR connectors are ideal for a variety of industries that include Automotive, Industrial, and Personal Mobility.  In addition, these housings offer all the benefits of the industry standard Powerpole products including colour and mechanical coding, hot plug capability, and genderless design.  These products are fully intermateable and interchangeable with the standard lines of connectors and accept the same range of contacts.


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Can I mix different colours of plugs?

No, only same coloured plugs can be connected together. A red Anderson plug will only fit into a red Anderson plug. We can’t connect, basically, a red and a grey. The only real reason you’ll have the different colours is so that you always remember to connect the right accessory into the right accessory on your caravan circuit or car. Here you can read more about coloured Anderson plugs.

Do I need a Cover for my Anderson Plug?

While not required, it is ideal for keeping the plug clean of dirt, dust, water, etc, especially while the plug is not in use. We carry both Standard surface mount cover black or surface mount cover red and flush mount cover for the standard SB50.

What can I use Anderson Plugs for?

Charging Circuits - The Anderson plug is designed to handle a high, continuous load, so this makes it ideal to use in charging circuits. The most common use that we install Anderson plugs for is charging the auxiliary battery in your caravan or camper trailer when driving.

It’s fitted to the rear of the vehicle like this one here. This is the ideal alternative to running a charge feed through your 12-pin plug. Too much current charging through a 12-pin plug can cause the pins to melt as they’re not large enough to handle the current from most modern alternators. Having an Anderson plugs means you can safely pass more charge through to your caravan’s battery charge system, keeping the caravan batteries charged up while you travel to your next destination.

 Solar Panel Connection - Another common use for Anderson plugs is to connect a solar panel via a regulator to top up your batteries. We often fit these to four-wheel drives and caravans with dual battery systems in an easy to access location so they could easily top up their auxiliary batteries via the solar panel without having to run your vehicle.

Powering ESC (Electronic Stability Control) - We’ll also regularly fit another Anderson plug to your tow bar if you’ve got a caravan that requires power to ESC, which is electronic stability control. Although your ESC can be run through a 12-pin if necessary, we recommend using an Anderson plug because it’s a more secure connection when driving, and ease of disconnection if you’re going off-road. It’s common practice to use a red Anderson plug for ESC and a grey one for your charge feed on the back of your car so you can easily identify them.

12 Volt Accessory Power Alternative - Due to their secure locking design, Anderson plugs also make great alternatives for powering high-draw 12-volt accessories such as fridges and air compressors. Anderson plugs are much more robust and hold a more secure connection than the standard 12-volt cigarette socket. They’re particularly good for those of us who like to venture off the beaten track.

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