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DC85-X Bushman Upright 85L Fridge/Freezer 12V/24V For Caravan incl. Mount Kit | Fridges/Freezers | Perth Pro Auto Electric Parts
DC85-X Bushman Upright 85L Fridge/Freezer 12V/24V For Caravan incl. Mount Kit | Fridges/Freezers | Perth Pro Auto Electric Parts
DC85-X Bushman Upright 85L Fridge/Freezer 12V/24V For Caravan incl. Mount Kit | Fridges/Freezers | Perth Pro Auto Electric Parts
DC85-X Bushman Upright 85L Fridge/Freezer 12V/24V For Caravan incl. Mount Kit Dimensions | Fridges/Freezers | Perth Pro Auto Electric Parts
DC85-X Bushman Upright 85L Fridge/Freezer 12V/24V For Caravan incl. Mount Kit | Fridges/Freezers | Perth Pro Auto Electric Parts


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The Bushman 85L Caravan Fridge / Freezer its easily into most campers, caravans, 4×4 canopies, tiny houses and boats.It is efficient, reliable and complete with interior LED light, adjustable shelves and a reversible door. Mounting kit and 5 years warranty included!

Bushman 85L Fridge | 6L Freezer in matte black with 5 years warranty. Energy efficient & spacious – top seller | Perth Pro Auto

Making the Difference with Bushman’s Philosophy:      Reliability through Simplicity

The Bushman principle is: A fridge should stay cold regardless of what you throw at it and should always be at the temperature you set it to. That is why Bushman Portable build all fridges out of steel. They do not make them out of plastic, and they do not include unnecessary gimmicks like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.


Fridges now with black, coated, sheetmetal sides to all DC-X series fridges. No more core-flute.

Anderson Plug fitted

You can now safely drill up to 15mm deep anywhere on the left and right sides of the fridge cabinet.

This makes fitting threaded nut inserts, rivets and sheetmetal screws a dream. 


Bushman’s DC-X range of fridges are exceptionally high quality, low on power and easy to use.

This is a top seller for caravans, RV’s, tiny houses and smaller off-grid. An outstanding amount of space and value for money for a fridge of this size. We use an oversize refrigeration unit for this model, which creates an efficient cooling system with overall low power consumption.

A unique deep and narrow freezer design gives more room to stand up larger bottles. All the shelves are height adjustable and the large door balconies have in-built stainless steel rails to prevent items moving during transit.

You can install the DC85X flush mounted to your cabinet work, or with the supplied mounting kit.

You now have the option to install your fridge flush against your cabinetwork without using the mounting frame.


We recommend using M5 pan head screws or bolts, with 4mm pre-drilled holes, inserted from inside the fridge cabinet and out into your cabinetwork. You can safely torque up to 6Nm.


Proven reliable with 5 Year Australia wide warranty. The Genuine Bushman designed cooling system with Secop Danfoss BD35 compressor. The compressor is German designed / Japanese owned. The fridge is designed for off-road use.

The Fridge has an extra low-power design for superior performance with extensive ventilation options. With an average of 1.4 amp/hr over 24hrs (25º ambient, 4º fridge) and a variable speed drive compressor (2A – 4.5A).

It is fitted with an easy to use thermostat, a large door shelves and room to stand up a tall bottle. The deep and narrow freezer gives you more fridge space.

In short:

  • FREE Mounting kit
  • Full 5 year warranty
  • Internal 6L Freezer
  • Tropical “T” rating
  • Interior LED light
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Reversible door

Small, light and big on storage; Get heaps of storage for the overall size and weight of your fridge.

Custom Bushman cooling system; Get fast cool-down, use less power and extend the life of your compressor with Bushman's simple, efficient and reliable design.

Enhanced features; It's the little things that make a Bushman fridge great. Like our super-soft custom made rubber feet that give your fridge a smooth ride.


You can find detailed information in the user manual & operating instructions.


Fridge: H 625mm x W 475mm x D 550mm

Cut out: H 630mm, W 480 mm, D 550mm (Allows a 50mm gap at rear when installed with the door sitting proud from the cabinetwork)

Weight: 21.5 kg

Temperature Settings: Fridge 4º, Freezer -12º ( +/- 2ºC)

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Are Bushman Fridges an Australian Brand?

The brand puts its know-how into making portable fridges, compressor RV fridgesfridges for off-grid use and a folding solar panel. Another thing worth noting about Bushman is that since starting out in 1982, the brand has been an “100% Australian owned family company”. 

How much battery power and solar power do I need to run a Bushman Fridge?

This guide below will give you 3 days running time with absolutely zero sunshine and a maximum battery discharge of 60%. The solar panels are sized to charge your batteries back to 100% after a full day of sunshine. For lithium batteries you will only need 60% of the AGM Ah capacity shown below. You can get an idea for how much solar power is needed with this calculator.

We do offer batteries and solar power, you can browse through the links.

Does a 12V fridge need 240V built in? Why a 12V only fridge?

A dedicated 12V only fridge can be very efficient without 240V power and will run longer on less power usage. An attached 240V transformer to your compressor generates excess heat, which will reduce the life of your compressor. Therefore, the fridge will cool down faster and use less power. The cost is also less than a 2 / 3 way fridge as it has a simpler electronics system which means better reliability because of the less complex electronics that could fail. A 12V only fridge is cheaper to install and service as you do not need a qualified electrician every time. If you are looking for a qualified auto electrician who can fit fridges including a 12V power system that is right for you, check out Klarmann Automotive Solutions. 

How well are Bushman fridges rated?

Product Review choose the Bushman DC-X series winner of the best 12V caravan fridge for 2020. Being an extremely popular choice for caravan, boats, tiny houses, 4x4 canopies and off grid living. 

How to choose between a gas fridge and a 12V fridge?

LPG gas is efficient and cools a fridge down very quickly. 240V is not quite as efficient but can be run on external power saving battery power. 12V operation in 3-way fridges, combining all 3, is often considered as a holding mode only. A stable level surface is required to operate an absorption fridge.

A 12V DC compressor fridge uses a dedicated 12V/24V compressor which is designed to operate in a moving vehicle. As well a compressor fridge does perform well in very hot and / or humid conditions. As compressor fridges get powered from batteries only, a reliable and strong power system is recommendable.

Gas fridges can be dangerous as well when not maintenanced regularly and correctly. Read more about camper's death due to a gas leak inside a camper. 

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