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Egon DC Hub Fuse Kit | for EGON DC Hub


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 This is the recommended Fuse Kit to be used with the EGON DC Hub. This covers the majority of installations. Fuses and holders included for second battery input, start battery input, maxi blade fuses and standard blade fuses with spares. 

This DC Hub Fuse kit is the perfect addition to your purchase of the EGON DC Hub with everything you may need including spares | Perth Pro Auto



This custom fuse kit was created to suit the EGON DC Hub. It includes a range of fuses that will help you with your installation and have you ready to Drive anywhere in no time! Below is the list of fuses and fuse holders included.


Included In Kit

  • MEGA Fuse Holder with 2x 150a Mega fuses : for the second battery / aux battery / lithium battery input and 1 spare
  • 1 x ACX1713 Maxi Fuse Holder : for the start battery input
  • 5 x 40A Maxi Blade Fuses
  • 5 x 50A Maxi Blade Fuses
  • 5 x 60A Maxi Blade Fuses
  • 4 x 80A Maxi Blade Fuses
  • 3 x 5A Standard Blade Fuses
  • 2 x 7.5A Standard Blade Fuse
  • 5 x 10A Standard Blade Fuses
  • 5 x 15A Standard Blade Fuses
  • 5 x 20A Standard Blade Fuses
  • 5 x 25A Standard Blade Fuses

NOTE: In the case that you would like to purchase some additional / spare fuses, here you can add them separately:

ANL Fuses | ANL Fuse Holder Single | ANL Fuse Holder Twin

Mega Fuses | Mega Fuse Holder Single

Midi Fuses | Midi Fuse Holder Single | Midi Fuse Holder Twin

Standard Blade Fuses

Maxi Blade Fuses


More about the EGON DC Hub


The EGON DC Hub is a unique cost saving device designed to eliminate the expertise needed for vehicle-based DC wiring builds.

It connects all elements of a DC installation, including first battery, auxiliary batteries, DC-DC, alternator, solar, DC-DC and other charging devices.

All have LEDs to indicate a blown fuse.

If you would like to find out more about the DC Hub, please call us or check out the official EGON website here: