GME UHF CB Radio 80 Channel Ultimate Kit
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The TX3350 is an 80 channel, feature packed super compact UHF CB radio with the new SoundPath™ full function LCD Speaker Microphone.

The challenge was to create a unique solution that allowed a full function LCD Microphone that could house a built in speaker with clear audio all within a compact and ergonomic design.  SoundPath™ diverts the audio through a unique convex path around the microphone bollard, whilst maintaining the compact size.

The TX3350 combines the unique combination of space saving benefits of a super compact size radio and full function speaker microphone all in the palm of your hand. The radio can now be discretely installed in almost any location within a vehicle and without the need for extension speakers.


  • Powered by Pure Sound DSP engine
  • Full spectrum backlit LCD microphone with Soundpath speaker
  • User selectable open and group scan
  • User adjustable squelch
  • User selectable duplex channels
  • User selectable priority channel
  • 104 in-built DCS codes
  • 50 in-built CTCSS codes
  • 5 digit selcall with quiet mode
  • Five year warranty
  • Australian design and manufacture

In the Box:

  • TX3350 Radio Unit
  • LCD Speaker Microphone
  • AE4018K3 Rugged Antenna Kit
  • AE4002 Low Gain Replacement Antenna Whip
  • MB407SS Universal “Z” Bonnet/Boot Antenna Mount
  • MB024SS Universal Bull Bar Antenna Mount
  • Microphone Clip
  • Screw Pack
  • DC Lead
  • Mounting Cradle
  • Instruction Manual



Compliant Specification: Meets AS/NZS 4365 for radio communications equipment in the UHF citizen and personal radio service.

Frequency Range TX: 476.425 – 477.4125 MHz

Number of Channels: 80 UHF CB

Channel Spacing: 12.5 kHz

Operation Mode: simplex channels 1-80, Semi Duplex channels 1‑8, 41-48

Scanning Speed: 20 channels per second

Antenna Impedance: 50 Ohms nominal

Nominal Battery Voltage: 13.8 volts DC

Operating Voltage Range: 10-15 volts DC

Overvoltage Protection: 25 volts DC max At 18 volts DC the RF power is reduced, and the words ‘Hi DC’ flash.

Overcurrent Protection: In-line 2A Fuse

Frequency stability: ±2.5 PPM

Modulation: FM


RF Output: 5.0 watts max

Maximum Deviation: < ± 2.5 kHz at + 20 dB limiting

Transmit Frequency Response: +6 dB per octave, 300 Hz to 3 kHz + 1-3 dB

Current Consumption: 1.5 amps with 50 Ohms termination



Intermediate Frequencies: 1st – 21.54, MHz 2nd – 450 kHz

Sensitivity: – 123 dBm for 12 dB SINAD unweighted

Selectivity: – 6 dB at + 3.5 kHz, ‑ 60 dB at ± 12.5 kHz

Intermodulation Immunity: 73 dB

Blocking Immunity: 100 dB

Spurious Response Immunity: 70 dB

Audio Output Power: 3 watts average into 4 Ohms

Current consumption: < 180 mA muted 600 mA @ max. A.F output

Receive Frequency: ‑6 dB/Octave de‑emphasis, 300 Hz to 3 kHz + 1-3 dB

Conducted Spurious Emission: < – 57 dBm



Dimensions: 102 (W) x 87 (D) x 23 (H) mm

Weight: 158 grams