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Lazerlamps Utility Linear 24 Flood Work Light | Work Lights perth pro auto electric parts
Lazerlamps Utility Linear 24 Flood Work Light | Work Lights perth pro auto electric parts
Lazerlamps Utility Linear 24 Flood Work Light | Work Lights perth pro auto electric parts
Lazerlamps Utility Linear 24 Flood Work Light | Work Lights perth pro auto electric parts


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Designed and engineered specifically for industrial sectors, the Linear-24 Flood challenges conventional work light solutions, offering outstanding lighting performance optimized for heavy machinery. Like all Lazer products built in the UK, the light boasts exceptional durability and reliability, even in the harshest environments, alongside high operational safety.



Adopting the same high-output LED arrangement as found in our Linear Elite range, the Linear-24 Flood produces 16,200 raw lumen, and which combined with a customised assembly of ultra-reflective, vacuum-metallised optics, delivers ‘zonal’ lighting perfectly aligned to work cabs, whether mining or construction, forestry or agriculture. On the one hand the high intensity lighting provides a simply unmatched level of illumination in the immediate area in front of the cab, while the length of the light bar itself enables a spread of light to the sides which makes for a safer and more productive work environment. At 5000 kelvin, the colour temperature of the light is also proven to improve sharpness and definition of the immediate surroundings, while also being comfortable to operate with for longer periods of time.

Superior lighting performance aside, the Linear-24 Flood offers a number of other benefits over more traditional work light solutions. With a power consumption rating of 168W, the lamp provides for a more straightforward installation than multiple smaller lamps, to achieve a similar level of light output (the lamp utilises 2-pin Deutsch connector). Reduced fitting time is one immediate advantage, alongside reduced ongoing maintenance time and cost. Fitting a single, low-profile light bar also has the benefit of being less susceptible to misalignment or getting damaged.

From a durability and build quality perspective, the Linear-24 Flood comes with a 2 year warranty (5 year for Automotive or Commercial Fleet applications). The polycarbonate lens with hardcoat lacquer has a lifetime guarantee, while Dynamic Drive Modulation optimises the light output considering environmental and thermal conditions, to preserve the longevity of the LEDs over a longer lifespan. Manufactured in the UK, and extensively tested, this is a product to be trusted year-after-year.

What's included:
- x1 Linear-24 Flood
- x1 Anti-Theft Side Mount (1127k)



  • High output work light for industrial applications.
  • Utilises the latest, highly efficient LED technology.
  • Customised arrangement of vacuum-metallised optics delivers ‘zonal’ lighting.
  • Light output optimised for exceptional levels of illumination in immediate (<20m) working environment.
  • Colour temperature - 5000 kelvin.
  • Supplied with stainless steel, side mounting brackets.
  • Electronic thermal management
  • ‘Unbreakable’ polycarbonate lens
  • IP67 watertight
  • 2 year warranty (5 year for Automotive/Commercial Fleet applications)
  • Supplied with male/female 2-pin Deutsch connectors
  • Designed & manufactured in Britain


Voltage Range (DC) 10-32V
LED Life 50,000 hours
Colour Temperature 5,000 Kelvin
Weight 1500 gr
Total Luminous Flux 16200 Lm
Colour Temperature 5000K
Number of High Output LEDs 48
Power Consumption 168 Watts
Current Draw (at 14.4V) 11.7 Amps
Work Lamp  ECE R10 
IP Rating IP67 / IP69K 
Salt Spray Test ISO 9227 (250H)
EMC Protection CISPR-25: 2008 (Class 3)
Shock TBC
Vibration (BS EN 60068)  10Hz-2000Hz, 10gn 
Operating Temperature -40deg C ... +90degC 
Width 682 mm
Depth 62 mm
Height 40 mm
1Lx Line @ 44m
5Lx Line @ 33m
20Lx Line @ 23m
50Lx Line @  18m*

* - 50 Lux represents HSE guidelines for effective illumination when working outdoors at night.


More specification/details can be found here

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are these lights built to last?

While all our lights come with a five year warranty, they are built to last much longer with an LED lifespan of at least 50,000 hours.

Are the lights fully waterproof?

Yes, our lights are completely watertight when submerged from cold and also when submerged hot (causing negative pressure). Every lamp leaving our UK manufacturing facility is pressure tested to confirm seal integrity, backed up by our five year warranty.

How do the LEDs compare between LR Series, ST Evolution, Linear, and Utility Series?

We carefully select the LEDs for each product / range depending on a variety of different factors including physical light properties, thermal performance, and prodicted end-user application. We use advanced simulation software, coupled with endless real-world testing, to ensure the perfect balance of lighting performance versus LED longevity and product reliability and robustness. In some instances a light will support use of 11W LEDs, while other lights might be better suited to a greater number of lower power LEDs. Often we will use a combination of LEDs in any one lamp to achieve the best performance and distribution of light, albeit always at the same 5000K colour temperature, to ensure a perfectly homogenous and even beam pattern.