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Non-Insulated Terminal Crimper 2.5 – 16mm


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The Non-Insulated Terminal Crimper by KT is manufactured from quality materials and provide for very smooth, hassle free use and a quality job every time. It is suitable for cables between 2.5-16mm2. Features a smooth heavy duty ratchet action and easy spring release for consistent high quality crimping.



A Crimping Tool is used to crimp or connect a connector or terminal to the end of a cable. This allows the cable to then be attached to the matching Male or Female Terminal to run a power connection.

KT Heavy Duty Non-Insulated Terminal Crimpers feature chemically blackened finish for improved corrosion resistance. Suitable for crimping Cable 14-5AWG (2.5-16mm²)


How is a KT Terminal Crimping Tool Used?


Crimping Tools have two notches one at the farthest from the tip and is used to squeeze the crimp into a figure 8 shape while the second station is closest to the tip of the pliers and is used to fold the crimp into a nice tube shape.

  1.  Slide the Terminal onto one end of the cable. (Strip the end of the cable prior to this step to ensure the terminal is connecting directly with the cable stranding and not the sheath or insulation)
  2. Place the Cable End with the Terminal applied, through the Crimping Tools Teeth (Using the appropriate setting for your terminal)
  3. Squeeze the Crimping Tool Handles together until it clicks, repeat again until it clicks a second time.
  4. Remove the Tool and inspect your crimp to ensure the terminal is directly in contact with the cable stranding.




  • Crimp Range: 14-5AWG (2.5-16mm²)
  • Length:230mm
  • Weight: 0.6kg
Warranties & Guarantees:
  • 12 Months Warranty on Manufacture & Build


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