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sc35 Bushman Chest 35L Fridge/Freezer | Perth Pro Auto electric parts
sc35 Bushman Chest 35L Fridge/Freezer | Perth Pro Auto electric parts
sc35 Bushman Chest 35L Fridge/Freezer | Perth Pro Auto electric parts
sc35 Bushman Chest 35L Fridge/Freezer | Perth Pro Auto electric parts
sc35 Bushman Chest 35L Fridge/Freezer | Perth Pro Auto electric parts


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The Original SC35 Bushman Fridge is a 35L Camping Chest Fridge & freezer that features AC as well as DC capabilities. At only 380mm high, it fits easily in a tight spot. Like under a bunk in your truck or caravan, or in the back of a ute with a hard tonneau cover. This is a great size fridge to use as your daily go-to, or as a true deep-freezer.

The Original 35L Bushman Fridge is a top choice for Fridges/Freezers featuring AC & DC capabilities | Perth Pro Auto


If you’re after a small to medium sized portable fridge / freezer, and using bugger all power is your number one concern, this is the only fridge to buy. With an oversized cooling unit for its 35 litre size, this guy will run off the fumes from a dead battery.

Since 1998 this fridge has withstood everything from rain-hail-sunshine and its still going strong. If you want a fridge that is extremely light on power and proven reliable for more than 2 decades, look no further. The original Bushman fridge stands the test of time, 20 years and counting. In 35L this is a great size fridge to use as  your daily go-to, or as a true deep-freezer. At only 380mm high it fits easily into tight spots.



Proven Reliability

  • Over 20 years of use in Australia
  • Nidec Danfoss BD35 compressor
  • German designed / Japanese owned
  • Full steel cabinet
  • Superior Ventilation
  • Digital Thermostat
  • 5 Year warranty

Outstanding Efficiency

  • Genuine Bushman designed cooling system
  • 360º ventilation top, bottom & 3 sides
  • Wire on tube condenser gets heat out faster
  • Average 0.5 Ah (set at -4º in 25º ambient)

Easy to Use

  • Fridge or deep freezer
  • Digitally controlled thermostat
  • Heavy duty tie-down points
  • Side opening lid


  • Set Temp. Range: -18º to 10º
  • Average Power Use: Average 0.5 amps per hour (set at -4º in 25º ambient)
  • Current Draw: Variable speed drive compressor (2A - 4.5A)
  • Low Voltage cut-out: 10.4 V
  • Dimensions: L 690mm x W 385mm x H 380mm
  • Weight: 22.5kg

What’s Included

  • Full steel cabinet
  • 5 Year warranty
  • 240V to 12V transformer
  • 2 Internal stacking baskets
  • 4 Heavy duty tie down points
  • Standard 12V cigar lead
  • Free Transit Cover

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How well are Bushman fridges rated?

Product Review choose the Bushman DC-X series winner of the best 12V caravan fridge for 2020. Being an extremely popular choice for caravan, boats, tiny houses, 4x4 canopies and off grid living. 

How much battery power and solar power do I need to run a Bushman Fridge?

This guide below will give you 3 days running time with absolutely zero sunshine and a maximum battery discharge of 60%. The solar panels are sized to charge your batteries back to 100% after a full day of sunshine. For lithium batteries you will only need 60% of the AGM Ah capacity shown below. You can get an idea for how much solar power is needed with this calculator.

We do offer batteries and solar power, you can browse through the links.



What is the maximum draw for SC35?

The Original Bushman Fridge will draw maximum 60watts when it first starts. The wattage will drop over time as the compressor speed reduces. Most often customers would run the fridge from a 12V battery and use a smart charger to maintain the battery from the generator. This way you will not need to run the generator all the time.

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