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13342 Philips Halogen Globe/H4 24V 75/70W ST | Globes | Perth Pro Auto electric parts


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The Philips 24V Standard H4 globe is a Quality original replacement globe designed to match factory bulb from your vehicle. Philips lights feature anti-UV-quartz glass for optimal lighting performance.

Philips 24V Standard Halogen lights are a top choice for globe replacements with “active” road safety features| Perth Pro Auto


Philips is a leading automotive lighting manufacturer. Renowned for our technological innovations, we use high-quality materials and offer best-in-class products. Our 12V car lighting range is a family of lighting products designed for the needs and lifestyles of all consumers.

Standard Original Quality

  • Economical choice
  • Comprehensive signalling range available
  • Trusted OE quality
  • UV-blocking quartz glass

More information about Philips 24V and vehicle diagram available here


  • More powerful light Quartz glass high resistance allows for increased pressure inside the bulb and thus generates more powerful light.
  • Better resistance Philips quartz glass bulbs (filament at 2 650°C and glass at 800°C) are capable of withstanding severe thermal shocks.
  • Optimal protection against ultraviolet rays All Philips quartz-glass bulbs are coated with a special anti-UV coating that protects your modern plastic optics from harmful UV rays.

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