Redarc 10A PWM Anderson Solar Regulator SRPA0120


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The REDARC 10A Solar Regulator ensures the correct charge is supplied safely and efficiently to charge an auxiliary battery. Available with Anderson� SB�50 connectors.
REDARC�S newly designed 10 Amp Solar Regulator comes with the Anderson� SB�50 connectors and works with the 115 watt SunPower��and the 112 watt Amorphous cell blanket.�REDARC�s 10 Amp Solar Regulator acts as the go between to transfer power generated from the panels to the battery.

Featuring multistage charging; boost, absorption and float, REDARC�s 10 Amp Solar Regulator ensures that the correct charge is supplied safely and efficiently to the battery and will protect it�from over charging.

It will work with multiple chemistry batteries including AGM, Standard and Calcium*, and is�ideal for permanent installation or portable systems, and has multiple levels of protection including over temperature, over charge and reverse polarity.

*Battery default setting is AGM. REDARC recommends the purchase of the REDARC Solar Remote Monitor�to change battery types and configuration settings.


  • Multi-stage charging- boost, absorption, and float

  • Works with multiple battery types (REDARC Solar Remote Monitor required)

  • Ideal for permanent installation or portable systems

  • Multiple levels of protection � over temperature, over charge, reverse polarity

  • Genuine� Industry Standard� Anderson� SB�50 plug connection


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Input (Operating) Voltage 12V/24V
Maximum Power Rating 120/240W
Output Current Rating (Cont.) 10A
Charge Type PWM 50Hz
Waterproof IP rating Yes - IP55
Operating Temperature -35�C to +55�C
Height (mm) 28
Length (mm) 153
Width (mm) 98
Weight (kg) 0.48
Warranty 2 Years