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Tesa Fleece Harness TapeRoll of 25 meters of black fleece tape, 19mm wide. Perfect for securing and organizing wires in a vehicle's electrical system. Ideal for DIY 4WD and caravan owners. perth pro auto electric parts


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Are you tired of dealing with rattling wires and poor organization in your vehicle's electrical system? Look no further than our 25M Fleece Tape 19mm.

Secure and Organize Your Electrical System with 10M Fleece Tape for DIY 4WD and Caravan Owners




The cloth tape with advanced acrylic adhesive is suitable for making up wire harnesses. It is highly anti-abrasive.

This high-quality tape is perfect for DIY 4WD and caravan owners who need a reliable way to secure and organize their wires.

With 25 meters of tape included, you'll have plenty to use for all of your electrical installation needs. The 19mm width is perfect for covering and securing wires of various sizes, and the fleece material provides excellent anti-rattle properties, so you won't have to deal with annoying sounds while driving.

In addition to its anti-rattle properties, this fleece tape is also perfect for harnessing wires, providing an extra layer of protection against wear and tear. Whether you're installing new lights, adding a stereo system, or just need to organize your wiring, this fleece tape is the perfect solution.

Don't settle for a messy and noisy electrical system. Invest in our 25M Fleece Tape/Anti-Rattle/Harness Tape 19mm today and ensure that your vehicle's electrical installation is secure, organized, and built to last.


It is also called Tesa Fleece Tape or Anti-Rattle Tape.




  • 25 meters of tape included
  • 19mm width
  • Fleece material provides excellent anti-rattle properties
  • Perfect for harnessing wires and protecting against wear and tear
  • Ideal for DIY 4WD and caravan owners



  • Length: 25 meters
  • Width: 19mm
  • Material: Fleece


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